Is this done? issues.

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    It was a clone, the first day i noticed buds forming was a week into Sept.  This made me think at around a week into Nov it would be done but with it being so late Im just not sure.
 also noticing some purple.  This is new to me,  I cant imagine its normal.  I only see it on a couple fan leaves.


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  2. almost there
  3. yeah I read that thread before
  4. You usually cant simply tell from a photo. You need to get some type of magnification device and look at the trichromes if you really want to know what's going on. It looks early to me, but it's fairly close.
    Don't worry about the purple leaves, that can be from cooler temperatures, or just the strain. Leaves will turn all sorts of yellow, purple, brown, near the end of flowering, it's normal.


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