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  1. Ok blades I need some help here so this is the situation. I work in a wharehouse at a retailer and we have limited hours here and limited crew. So the company just enrolled a new job title that rolls all 3 wharehouse job titles into one. We all hate this because we are now responsible for knowing about/ doing 2 times asmuch work. The reason the company gave for this move was so that ppl would be able to go on vac. Or get hurt and the store would not miss a beat. Ok whatever it's cause they are cheap but any way this info was needed to set up the possible discrimination.

    So they have this real uncle Tom ass Black guy at work who is always kissing ass. This guy is On our schedule For 30 hours a week and he doesent have to do shit that the rest of the same job titled ppl do. And then he screws over the new ppl to get them to do his "job" which is to unload 50 pcs off a truck 2 times a week ( the only thing he does that contributes to the wherehouse )

    He also works for a janitor service at our store and is on the clock at two different jobs at once.

    Now me and another guy reported all this to our lead. And he didn't do any thing. Now two months after me and the guy that reported threatened to call our hr hotline and report everyone. Yea I kinda went off on the lead about how its fucked up and he knows it is. He got mad and brought me to the ops manager. Now I have a bit of a reputation about being the leader of anarchy in the crew as I have tenure and ain't stupid I call the management on selectively following corporate guidelines regularly.

    Now I try a different approach with the ops manager I ask him if I could have a turn working the uncle toms spot as we are all the same position now and he
    Is on our schedule so why not. I use this method bc it forces his hand to discredit company policy or aloe me to see what goes on for 30 hrs cuz this guy can't even be found when he's scheduled and has no duties. His reply was cool he said yea let's talk to the gm about it . Well I got before the meeting was able to take place but later that night the other guy who was complaining w/ me went to the ops manager and let the corporate spin answers get to him and went the fuck off threatening to get corporate involved. This scared them.

    Next shift that guy gets called in to gms office and is hounded for a hour who brought his attention to it hopeing to get my name out of it.
    After was my turn I went in and played it jhony great employee. I said stuff like I only Wana further my knowledge of the company by learning every aspect of our job as I only wanna give 150% and am trying to cross train per the new program so can we swap an I have a turn doing what uncle tom does as that is what everyone else does on the schedule. He said no we can't do that in a shit ton of words. And never gave a legit reason why we can't even though it's company policy to do so.

    They also for the first time ever in our little policy discussions had a transcript made the hr lady wrote it for the duration of the two and a half hour discussion. When I asked to read it they all looked At the gm as if they were uncertain. It seemed super fishy when they did that.

    Please grass city read the long post I need help my job may depend on it!
    Ps moderators I wasn't sure where to put it could u put it somewhere where it can be read

    Thanks y'all
  2. I think that is complete shit about uncle tom or his name. But like i would be pissed to if i was you. Aucks man :/ sorry
  3. Thanks man for the sympathy. Look I aint racist I got black friends played football with them and my gf and i just went to see bb king with a 60+ year old black couple. I love blues and respect black heritage more than 50% of black kids down hear seem to but god I have never seen someone so uncle Tom. He literally will bend down and grab boxes that a boss will try to Handel stating, " I got it boss". And as soon as said boss leave he just stops on the truck and watches the help he gets finish his work.

  4. First, congratulations on being a racist and trying to cover it up.
    Second, You employer is now building a case against you to fire you.
    Third, because you are racist I wont feel bad for you.
  5. I think it's a legit phrase and a real part of our society. Everybody has some kind of racist thought processes. Also, stop feeling bad about slavery. You had nothing to do with it, so being some little internet racism police ****** is not doing anything.

    OP you're gonna get relieved of your duties
  6. Discrimination? No. Illegal? I don't know. But if what you said is true then it sounds like a shit place to work and I'd give them notice before they could fire me.
  7. You amuse me.

  8. But he owned you hardcore. You basically got bitchowned like this.

    The op isn't racist.

    It's not fucking racist to want whites equal to blacks. HERP DERP.
  9. I guess we just grew up in different times. Feel free to keep hating because I felt it was a racist term. It's my opinion and opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Above is yours.
  10. Really this is pretty crazy, he wants the same leeway as another guy and he's a racist?
  11. So he's a Uncle Tom because he doesn't act "black enough" for you? I fucking hate people like you.

    And no, it isn't discrimination. It's called that guy knows how to play the game called life and you don't. So you're jealous and talk stupid shit about him because you got butt hurt.
  12. There was no reason at all for him to bring up his race. He showed no proof that the other employee was being treated better because of his skin color. He used a derogatory term to describe a black person who "acts white", which is stupid on so many levels. Because we all aren't a bunch of knuckle draggers, we MUST try to act "white" and deserve to be called names.
  13. I never said nor implied that. The way he addressed about the gentleman is racist. I understood the part of wanting to do the equal work. But there are more civil ways of say things.
    Examples: This older guy, A fellow employee and so on.
    Get it yet?

    I didn't think so.
  14. At least someone gets WTF I was saying!
  15. OP? Yeah, he's pretty mad. :rolleyes:
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    No its not bc he dosent act black enough it's because he kisses ass to white authority and treats other black people at work like shit. The 60+ year old black man, that I went see bb king with works with me. He is the one who put that word in my vernacular as he and the other black gentlemen always call him that when referring to this situation. The older black man has the same job as the guy in question and is 20 years older and Is expected to unload appliance trucks filled with washers dryers fridges plus do the normal 500 pcs truck with the rest of us 20 year olds. All why the guy in question
    gets double the hours and does not assist us in any way other than the 50 pcs 2x a week. While the other associates on the same schedule with the same job title are responsible for unloading 2 trucks with 500 pcs a week and 2 appliance trucks with 50 washers dryers and upright freezers each. This is no easy work yet that 60 year old man works it like a boss! The older black gentlemen feels the same way as us on this one and hates the way that guy acts. The way he explained it to me is this too many people were forced to act like that around here right before the
    civil rights movement. If you condone and continue acting that way you slap the proverbial face of all civil rights activist who made sacrifices to get black folks where they could be truly equal and not feel the need to kiss ass but be judged upon his merits.

  17. Yea I agree I was being a little racist with the way I was using the title in question but I am not a racist person and never intended to be racist I was just being lazy buy carrying that persons identity through the story as " uncle Tom" which has extreme racial implications for that I apologize to any readers who may have been offended.

  18. Sorry for all the tards in this thread who don't understand equality OP.

  19. Maybe it's bad taste for me a lower middle class white boy to be using a very old derogatory term but the second definition fits the situation exactly and that's more what I was trying to imply. Once again the continued use was in hind sight poor taste for that I apologize.

    Also it has nothing to do with acting white but everything to do with being a kiss ass to authority here are sone links for you to " brush up" with
    Merriam-Webster Search for iPhone
    Uncle Tom

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