is this convection conduction hybrid?

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  1. Hello everyone! I am still new to vaping and still learning a lot. I have a G Pro vaporizer( rebranded titan ig). Grenco Science claims that it is a "true convection" but im not really sure. Some people said its conduction but I disagree with that.
    I actually think its a hybrid and not conduction for couple of reasons:
    A lot of holes on the bottom of the chamber, slow heat up time (30-50 sec), herb never combusts. IMO Pinnacle Pro works the same way.
    Here's how I think it works: something heats up the metal chamber to a certain temperature. when you draw, the air goes thru the holes on the sides parallel to the chamber. then the air goes thru the heating element(idk if its on the bottom or on the sides), heats up, and gets into the chamber thu the holes on the bottom and heats up the herb together with the hot metal chamber itself. Thus there is conduction + convection.
    What do you guys think about my theory? does it make sense? Also whats ur opinion on how this vape works and do u think its really convection?(if ur unfamiliar with this vape tell me what u think about pinnacle pro convection and the way it works)
    Thank you!
    p.s. would it make a lot of sense for me to switch to Pinnacle to get more convection?

    Link to the vaporizer:

    Picture of the chamber:
  2. Mostly if not completely conduction.
  3. how about pinnacle pro? How does it transfer heat? My vape looks very similar to Pinnacle and has holes on the sides of the chamber and the chamber is steel with alot of holes on the bottom
  4. They are similar in that the titan is a poor quality knock off the pinnacle pro. I still find the pinnacle pro to be mostly conduction at least the way that I have used it. The titan though is for sure mostly conduction and definitely doesnt have any of the convection benefits to be labeled as a hybrid.
  5. im planning to buy a new vape and still deciding between Pinnacle (not Pro, I dont really need high temps) and Arizer solo. Which one will give me better convection? Btw I looked at the solo chamber and it also looks very similar to titan.
  6. Both kind of suck when trying to take more advantage of the convection properties. The "chamber" may look similar but the heating element is a lot different.

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