is this compost ok?

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  1. hi i need some compost i found some on amazon its called Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost i know its not foxfarm nutes but cant afford that kinda shit what about this?

    it says 50 liters does that mean a big bag?

    i would of ordered from a gardening store but a dont fancy a big B&Q truck parked outside my house lol total give away

    Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost 50 Litres: Garden & Outdoors
  2. Fuck no its not ok
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    ok what would you suggest? i got £15/$30 (usd) to spend
  4. I'm not in the UK so my advice is limited, but you're looking for an organic compost. More than likely if you guys have a 'craigslist' someone has some listed that they processed themselves for cheap, or even go to a garden store, you should be able to find a cheap bag of chicken or mushroom compost. Also look into earthworm castings, the combination of the 2 is beautiful.
  5. thanks is a 60 Litre Bag a big bag? or should i get 2?
  6. Are you planning on using EWC or any other humus source?
  7. no no just wanna use compost like i always do (compost water n feed is all i use)

    i grow 2 at a time in large pots.

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