Is this CFL suitable for growing (photo attached)

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  1. I'm working on starting my first indoor grow room, the idea is to veg 2 tops 3 plants, I decided to stick with CFL since not only its more affordable/cheaper in the long run its also safer (temperature wise)

    I've been on a chase for "powerful" CFL lights and came across this one, what do you guys think?

    Thx in advance!

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  2. find a higher wattage, and get as many as you can. if you can only find the 20, then you'll have to make due. i'd say 50w to 100w would be good, but no matter what you'll need more than one.
  3. The highest I've found (in several places) was this one (20w)

    The idea would be to have 4-5 of them, what do you think?
  4. Thats only 20 watts. If your going to veg 3 plants you need at least 10 of those. If you live in the US, go to Wallmart and get 4 or 5 40w CFLs (there about 9$ a piece). Then go to Lowes or Home Depot and get clamp lamps for the bulbs (about $4 a piece). If you want 1 powerful light then go to a grow shop, most sell up to 200w CFLs I believe, but theyre about $100 a piece. 5 40w bulbs and clamp lamps wont cost more than $75 and youll get more coverage with the seperate bulbs. If you dont have any of those stores around you go to
  5. MORE LIGHT! That bulb wont cut it. Look at the total lumens for that bulb, and then calculate how many of those you will need. Best bet, when using cfl's only, is to get high wattage bulbs, ie: 42w+. Like hootskers said, has what you need. I love that website.
  6. How do I know how many lummens are needed per plant?

    thx for the feedback fellas
  7. yo man, you need a good grow book, like Jorge Cervantes newest edition. its covers ALL the basics. dont be cheap. It only cost me $25 Canadian.......
  8. Where have you been looking?

    There are higher wattage CFLs at Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Ace, etc.
  9. i started growing with those and you can do it, but your yield will suck! I switched to the new T5 lights and wow what a difference.
    my 2 cents
  10. are T5 lamps a viable alternative to normal CFL, dont recall seeing them "recommended" over most tutorials,etc..

  11. you could try these people

    or you could try here

    hope this helps

    oh and the answer to that question is NO buy yourself something decent with a higher wattage and the correct colour spectrum and the correct amount of lumens
  12. DaRampantRabbit - Having only 1 or 2 big lamps would deffy make things easier (specially since its my first grow), i'm not sure if its compatible with the Europe standart though.

    Nevertheless thanks for the help!

  13. mate i am from the UK so it definately meets all european standards
  14. a 125w lamp should be good enough for the 2-3 plants? or should I get 2 of those?
  15. oh yea, get 2 for sure.
  16. Given the high costs, do you guys think I can get by, by relaying on 6400k (or 2700K) lamps only?

    Cant really afford 2x125w of each.

  17. I would say no,.. just buy some 6500K bulbs from Wal-Mart for veg and by the time flowering time is near (like 2 months later) you should be able to afford some 42watt CFL 2700K bulbs at Home Depot, there $8.97 a pop right now where I live. The more bulbs you have the better, in my opinion if you have the sockets 2 42watt'ers are better then 1 100watt bulb any day cuz you can get light to more area of the plant that way. :wave:
  18. TradeHydro are nuts, they wanted £150 for shipping...shit :eek::eek:

  19. fuckin hell, what about greens horticulture

    if you want you could get it sent to me and I could send it on for you
  20. they dont ship outside UK

    A shame for TradeHydro since they have lots of cool stuff (far from cheap but..)

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