Is this cal/mag deficiency? please help

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  1. Hey GC I have a issue and I think it's is calcium or magnesium differently. There are three plants with this. It happened to the small one then the meadum one then the big one. i had bin putting cal/mag in 40ml for 12 gallons. This is outside should I put more in? Or is this somthing else? Thank you for the help you guys are awesome on this form lots of helpful people. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. How do their roots look?
  3. I've bin adding some kelp and it's a thick brown. I dug up the small one hers a pic image.jpg
  4. I just dug up the other one and there are way more roots on it and they aren't as brown. Closer to wight.
  5. The big ones are all wight look good
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    It looks to me like root disease is causing the deficiencies. Sorry to say...

    I use cali magic at 4ml/gal. You shouldn't have to add more - it's there, they just can't get it. More won't fix it - also indoor/outdoor you mix ca/mg the same.
  7. Rez change yesterday added more cal mag and the new growth is looking a lot better then The new growth in these pictures. Also these damaged leave haven't gotten any worse. Since the change.

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