Is this Cal def?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by pinksocks, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hey ya'll, hope your summers are lovely and your babies are wonderful. Posting this morning at appx. 3 week mark from seed. Everything has been beautiful and green and healthy until this morning - this literally happened overnight.

    The main stuff:
    Short stuff auto assassin autoflowers.
    5gal fabric pots
    ffof cut with 25-30% extra perlite, some lime, some happy frog jump start
    water only to this point, no nutes/feedings
    3x3 space is at a constant 71-72 deg F, 55-60% rH

    Looks like cal def to me, but I do not know why?! I have never ever had this kind of thing spring up so early in a soil/organic medium. Hoping to get some quick opinions on here before I make any moves.

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  2. not to sure what it is mate but the oldr leaves below it look fine and so does the new growth ,myself i'd just let plant grow a few more nodes it may not be any thing to bad.. it look like just the one leaf is affected with the marks ,just wondering if its a small insect been nibbling the surface of the leaf ,,,,mac
  3. upload_2019-8-19_10-1-14.png What is this 'thing' on your leaf ?
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  4. well spotted 'Budmiser ..i was thinking it may be a bug .insect of some sort ,,mac,
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  5. Just checked it out - was just a speck of soil, heh. I’m boggled by this. I checked them at around 1am before bed and they looked perfect. 7am, this. It’s consistent across all 4 plants.
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  6. Now you got me thinkin. Looks like that AND like cal mag - both problems look very similar to me.

    It's driving me nuts! Literally nothing changed done differently, just BAM over a few hours. At work now, but I will run home on lunch and snap a few more pictures and update status.

    Thanks ya'll.
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  7. That's always frustrating , when different symptoms can look so much alike...Drives me crazy sometimes, LOL

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