Is this bulb good enough?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Vanquish6, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I have a single plant, is this going to be good enough to use?
  2. yes it is.
  3. Yeah, that one will work.
  4. yeah itll be great when paired with a 400w ballast and such, just make sure you get all of the stuff to run it, and cool it cos those badboys run hott!
  5. Thanks all! Yes I will probably get a couple fans in there aswell, and what is a good material to use as a back reflecter for the light bulb?

    Not lookin to spend a whole lot of money just tryin to grow enough to smoke and learn.
  6. for the light bulb? honestly since youll have to drop more cash on the ballast if you wanna use that bulb you can prob find a combo on an online shop with reflector ballast and bulb all for pretty reasonable. if not, you can use the snap together aluminum ducting cut to size, and rigged with a socket. its what im using, lined with mylar, and it works pretty well for my 150.
  7. Why do I need to pair it with another light?
  8. you dont, you just need it paired with the 400w ballast and reflector of your choice or making, you had planned on getting a ballast and all that right?
  9. Sounds like you need to read up on growing a little more before you start wasting money buying stuff you don't know about. You cannot just plug a HPS bulb into an a light socket, it needs a ballast.
  10. OP that bulb requires a large socket, and a thing called a ballast to supply it enough power to light up.

    It'll also run pretty hot, which means to grow w/ it indoors, you'll need to run some ventilation.

    If you just want to start growing, and you don't want to jump all in w/ that kind of time and investment, you can grow good plants just fine w/ CFLs, which are much cooler, and less exxpensive to purchase and run.

    Search this site for "kamel's cfl guide" and it'll tell you everything you need to know.

    Welcome to the city! When you get your setup going, start a grow journal and we'll all help you out till you've got some fat plants.
  11. Please don't be mistaken you CANNOT plug this in and go..
  12. This is actually pretty funny. I remember like 7 or 8 years ago I got all gung ho thinking I was just gonna throw a plant in the closet. Found out that HPS was the best lighting, and ordered a bulb. When it got to my house, I was like shit. I can't plug this fucker in anywhere!. Eventually, several years later I ended up growing with it. So I've totally made the same mistake that the OP possibly was about to make.
  13. You should read up on this stuff before you start. Also a 400w is probably more than you need, especially if running costs are a worry. The Green Pages - Lighting
  14. Dont get discouraged by all of this, it sounds like alot but it really does all fall into place. The search button is your best friend. The majority of Blades on here will help out the best they can man.
  15. Yeah OP just google mrgoodsmoke and see my first grow or two. I run a 400w in a tent in a closet now and it's working out pretty well.
  16. Yes I have done quite alot of research I guess i just missed that part. Im planning on just going to walmart or home depot and picking up a few cfls
  17. Home depot/ lowes has some badass 68w 2700k cfl that are hugee, put off 4200lm suppsedly too, 2 or 3 of those and a few smaller cfl and u should be rockin.
  18. There's a grow journal by a member named repusreworg where he does like 300w worth of cfls and yeilds pretty good. I'll bet you can find it. This guy proves that it doesn't matter what kinda light you have, if you do it right, you'll get good buds.
  19. Also, read the grow bible by Jorge Cervantes and Growers handbook by Ed Rosenthal. Knowledge is power. And for us, knowledge is bigger, skunkier, stickier, better tasting buds!
  20. Home Depot seriously has 100% of what you need for a first-timer. You don't sound like too serious a grower, so maybe HPS/ballast ain't for you. Get 2 or 3 multi-plugs with 3-prong plug, maybe 4-8 light splitters, and a bulk box each of 6500K AND 2700K compact light fluorescent bulbs. The amount of shit I'm getting you to buy will cost about $100 at most, and will let you grow upwards of ten plants.

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