Is This Bug Harmful?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rhinodank, May 22, 2013.

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    So I just Sprayed neem oil on my plant, shook it like I usually do to get the excess neem oil off, and all of a sudden as I was walking away, I see some weird bug! it may be an ant but Im Not sure. As you are watching this video, notice how it goes over what looks to be spider mite eggs... It may on may not be destroying them, but If anybody knows what this bug is or what this bug is doing, please let me know! here's the video of the bug:

    (please excuse how surprised I sound lol, I did not expect a bug to make its way on my plant just seconds after spraying neem oil on it and vigorously shaking it. I thought neem oil was supposed to fight off bugs so I was surprised haha)
  2. I have no idea what kind of bug that is, but I would try to keep any and all kinds of insects out of your grow area if possible. I'm pretty sure spider mites are tiny and barely visible to the naked eye, and their eggs are only visible with a microscope. Unless you saw eggs under the microscope, and have little webs all over or dots on the leaves I wouldn't be too worried.
  3. I just hope it was doing good to my plant instead of harm... I find it weird that it was dancing in the beginning haha!! Maybe it was stoned??
  4. This is a (barely) educated guess, but it looks to me like a small species of wasp, and it seemed to me like it was grooming, so maybe it didn't like the neem oil.
    It could have been looking for prey on your plant, or maybe to harvest some of the cellulose from it to take back for nest building material.
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    I don't think it had a "sucker" or needle like thing for extracting stuff, but maybe it was trying to eat the white dots??? Or kill them?? Idk, I find it interesting that the neem oil didn't bother it... I think you were right about the grooming part, so maybe it didn't like the oil, but was still looking for pray...? I hope someone comes across this and know what it is/what it's doing.
  6. it looks like some type of winged ant or small wasp......
  7. It looks like some kind of flying insect, it could have been looking for food but doesn't look like it was attempting to feed on the plant itself. As for spider mite eggs your not going to see those without a 30X pocket scope or jewelers loupe. Obvious signs of spider mite damage are tiny white spots on the tops of the leaves. it could have been simply looking for a place to rest or hang out. By the way whenever spraying your plants try to do it shortly before the sun comes up and as its setting. Spraying during the day especialy if its a warm day can burn your plants. Or if you can move it to a nice shady spot until it drys out.
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    Thanks for the info! I sprayed the plant as the sun was setting (but there was still light from it) I know what you mean though. I made that mistake earlier as you can see from the other browning of the leaves but It's all good now. I'm stoked though! Got 2 white widow seeds coming in and Ima germ them right when I get Em. Since I'm growing outside and they'll bud around September, do you think I'll still get pretty good results if I have no pest problems, no burn, ect? I figure they'll veg for about 2 months. Ima put them in 3 gal pots because idt they'll get passed 3 feet honestly. So what do you think? They'll be in ffof and I'll be using the ferts when needed. What do you think? I'm hoping to get an ounce from each plant... Possible???
  9. idk what that is. but your commentary on that video made me laugh. lol
  10. just an everyday bug
  11. Usually when people start from seed outdoors its around 4/20 so they get as much veg time as possible. don't consider it 2 full months of veg because they have to get past the seedling stage then go into veg stage then get sexualy mature before going into flowering so maybe a month of veg growth at most before they start to flower and would most likely be late finishers. For a plant to become sexualy mature naturaly it take about a month or little longer. plants can be forced into flowering earlier inside by changing the light schedule but outdoors you don't have control of that.
  12. So what do I do? I have 1 cfl at 100 watts but that's not even enough for 1 plant.
  13. Is it 100 watt cfl or equivalent? If your in a medical marijuana state or can get your hands on some clones or teens that would be another option to starting from seeds for more plants outdoors.
  14. Your plant really isn't that big or branchy to be taking clones from yet. If you would have topped it a while back you would have gotten aleast one clone out of the top. Cloning takes about a week or so for the clone to root then its ready to plant. What state you located in?
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    Your in Socal so if you got a medical marijuana card there are a lot more medical marijuana dispensaries down there then here in Sac that you can get clones from or even find someone on If you don't have a card but a friend who does have him pick up a clonse or two or however many you want. just don't ask for hooks up this website its against forum rules and frowned upon on unless your friends with other grower here that that takes time to earn another growers trust. Its best to keep it legal though that way you avoid problems.
  17. Yup I gotta club card but am waiting on my cali ID to be able to use it. So do all dispensaries sell clones, or is it only certain ones??
    The walk in clubs pretty much all do and maybe a few delivery ones do. Also check out the various forum areas like indoors and outdoors and get to know a grower or group of growers and once you all get to know each other you might end up becoming a group of growers for your area and after a while trade clones, get clones and such. We got a group of Norcal growers that range from Sac to Redding and other Northern California places that trade clones and stuff. It takes time to work upto that but its worth it in the end.

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