Is this bud rot

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  1. Is this bud rot. I just noticed that the buds were turning brown today.

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  2. Looks like it to me.
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  3. IMO take a sample and wash it in a cup of warm water and bleach 2 tsp,
    dip the sample if it turns to snot yes thats mold,

    you can dip again in clean water
    dry the sample and pick out the 'snot'
    but many just chuck it out

    good luck
  4. It is outside? Correct? Have you been spraying BT Thuricide weekly as IPM for Caterpillars?
    I'll guess yes to the first and no to the last question.

    It is Caterpillar damage. You have bud worms in your buds there Bud!
    Pull the dead out as it is sun dried and has been cut loose by a Caterpillar. Dig around in the wound left from pulling the bud and find him. Every dead sun dried bud will be harboring a Caterpillar and more have yet to grow up as the moths lay fresh eggs every night. You could have hundreds as I did my first outside grow.

    ZZ BT 22.jpg

    This is a short lived biological not a long life chemical control agent. BT is destroyed by sunlight in a day or two so it needs to be applied every week to be effective.

    It will do the job. Buy some NOW and get your Caterpillars under control before it gets any worse.
    Minimum ratio will do the job just be religious about spraying it once a week.

    Buy a new sprayer and label it as to what it is used for. This avoids any mistakes like the Herbicide disaster I had years ago.

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  5. Thanks everyone. Yes, it is outside and no, I have not been spraying with anything. We had a pretty wet week three weeks ago. There aren’t any other signs of mold just the buds have dried up and turned brown. My other plants seem to be ok, I harvested them today (just to be safe). I dipped the buds in the bleach/water solution and didn’t seem to get any snot.
  6. I dig the balcony grow. To me, making what you got work is at the very nature of growing.

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