Is this bong worth 240 bucks?

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  1. While it looks like a fine piece , I am of the opinion there is not a bong on earth worth that price unless its made of gold,or comes with a huge bottle of hash oil.
  2. Looks nice but I wouldn't order it. I always hear Horror stories of ordering from GC. I've never spent more than $100 on a piece myself.
  3. Browse your local shops, tell them your budget and I'm sure they'd be glad to show you what's up in your price range. 240 could be invested quite a bit better, not to mention that shipping will be about 25 bucks on that.
  4. This is your best bet, no doubt. MOST, and I stress this word because I have definitely seen differently, but most people working in head shops love educating their customers on their products and helping them decide what they actually need. You will always find those greedy types though who will just try and sell you whatever is most expensive, but it is obvious when they try and do it so you need to just use your judgement.
    Try a local shop first, and if you don't like what you see/hear, go ahead and order that one. Probably "worth" the price based on the thickness of glass (7mm is medium to high grade), and the accessories, but if you aren't sure if it's worth it, it makes me question whether or not you really "need" a bong of that type at this point.
    Best of luck with whatever route you choose!
  5. More is not always better, too many percs imo
  6. Like everyones been saying, not that it's not a decent bong, but if you're willing to throw down 240 keep searching cause you can find something way nicer
  7. I've heard nothing but bad things about weed star honestly. I'd personally raise your budget just a bit to $300 then you could find something nice. Check out grasscity for some nice glass
  8. Looks bad ass, but id say buy a big ol bag with that money ;) lolSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    No. Because i personally perfer a shorter bongs and if i'm droppin 240 i wanna get some low end scientific piece, not a big bong with some weak percs. They're not that good imo. I like the scientific type glass knowmsayin. The mobius matrix has like... apparently.. several hundred percs. That's not that much more
  10. Order from, grasscity's shipping is so slow and takes weeks.
  11. Yes OP I would say it is.

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