Is this bong a good deal?

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    Hey everyone, i'm in the market for a bong under the about $130 price range, and was wondering if the 
    HVY Glass - 12" inch Clear Straight Tube bong sold by aqualabtech is a good deal for $110? Do you have any other suggestions for a good bong around that price?
    Link to bong:
    Thank You

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    Thats a great choice hvy is a great american made company they have the 16in for $120 and the 20in for $130 which you probably already seen. Heres a stemless bong but has no percs but you probably want the hvy with the diffuser but heres a  link.

  3. I highly recommend HVY glass. They are quality and American made and best in class in its price range for sure. Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  4. check out brothers with glass. have the same bogn but 1 inch smaller for 60-70 i believe. but great bong

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