Is this bad or good way to vent?

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  1. I was thinking about a different vent setup than I originally planned, but not sure if it's good or not, would like some input.

    So it seems as if most people go: carbon filter to ducting to cooltube to ducting to exhaust fan. This is my ideal setup

    But, I was curious if you went this route: carbon filter to duct fan to ducting to cooltube to ducting and out of tent. I was thinking this way would make more use pulling air through the carbon filter and blowing all the way through the cooltube to keep it cooler.

    Anyone try it? Pros? Cons?

  2. first way is better... always
  3. Not what I asked
  4. I run the 2nd route.... If any air is leaving my room it's going through the filter first! Everyone will tell you "this is the way to do it"! This has been a debate for a very long time, if you run the first route your hoods better be perfectly sealed or it will suck stink air from your room!
  5. Blowing through a cool tube dosnt make it cooler so to speak.. if anything ur pressurizing ur exhaust now forcing hot air out of any little cracks... versus sucking air in through the system and keeping the hot air flowing only one way.. but whatever get funky if youd like.. first person said the same thing just with out an explanation.. instead of being a cocky smartass. You should just research pushing an pulling air in an air cooled light system. There are in fact hundreds of threads already stating what youd like someone else to take the time to retype. Have a great harvest.
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    Good luck
  7. What button is that?

    To the OP, fans run more efficiently pulling than pushing, especially through an area where airflow gets restricted like through a cool tube.
  8. Thank you all who posted intelligent responses! I decided to stick to the original vent option. Thanks again
  9. diagram anyone?
  10. Smoke weed. Close your eyes. Picture it. Best diagram you can get

  11. Ya I agree...

    But I always separate my hood cooling and chamber cooling...
    IMO it saves on the filter...

    The lamp: intake->duct->lamp->fan->duct->exhaust
    The chamber: filter->fan->duct->exhaust

    If you're removing most of the heat before it enters the chamber, you won't be running air through that filter as often... I feel it allows you to control chamber temps easier too...

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