Is this an iron deficiency?

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  1. Hey guys so I have a plant which is 6 days into flowering. Her upper fan leaves are very yellow especially in the middle. I did some research and I think it could be an iron deficiency, and was just wondering what others think. I believe iron is locked out in higher pH levels; last i checked (about 5 days ago) her pH runoff was 6.8.

    If this is an iron deficiency caused by high pH what should I do about it? I just watered her yesterday, so should I run some lower pH water (i'm thinking 6.3 or something) through her? or will this cause over watering?

    I am using fox farm nutes and roots organics soil if that makes any difference.

    Here's the pic, sorry not the best quality but as you can see the top leaves are very yellow.
  2. i see the tips are yellowing too, are you sure you not giving them too many nutes? That could be your problem. Also you want your pH around 6.3-6.7 ... so ide lower your ph down a little bit as well
  3. They were over nuted a little about a week ago but i flushed and it was fine. They have been yellow like this for while now but its gotten worse (more yellow) in the last few days.

    Should I just wait until next watering to lower pH or should I do it now? I'm wondering because I watered just yesterday, so a lil concerned about over-watering if i do it today.
  4. Bump. Over 130 views and 1 reply.... can anyone identify whether this is an iron deficiency or not?
  5. nitrogen deficiency maybe. but ive had plants do this and they got better on there own. I may have gone strong on the nutes cause when they got bigger it corrected itself.
  6. Doubt its N deficiency as the yellowing in N deficiency usually is on older leaves and begins at the leaf tips progressing inwards. Mine is on younger leaves and begins in the inner leaf progressing outward toward the tips.

    I think it must be iron. I just watered with some 6.0 pH water so that should have brought pH down to a more satisfactory level. Will see how she does in the next few days.
  7. Thanks for the link. I have seen other similar webpages and that's how I initially camt to my conclusion of Iron deficiency. I lowered pH so we will see if it was or not in the next few days.
  8. It looks like Iron deficiency to me. CES Micro, or Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus, would be a good choice.
  9. Yea, I would hit that bad boy with some calmag, lower the pH a little bit, and chill on the nutes for a week or so
  10. Yeah thanks guys i thought so. I lowered pH today and will add some calmag plus next watering.

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