Is this a Weed plant?

Discussion in 'General' started by RollingNebraska, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, im new to smoking.
    And I found this plant on my land the other day.
    It resembles weed in it's early stages.
    Doesn't smell yet, and it's the only plant of it's kind around the whole area.
    Its has jagged leaves like weed, and kind of has the five points, but I have no clue about plants. Could you help me out? Thanks :)

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  2. Nope. Sorry man.
  3. No haha. You couldnt smoke it anyways. THats ditch.
  4. It's weeds alright. Good eye. Wanna come weed my front yard? All you can smoke.
  5. Haha well it is a weed. You made my day :smoke:
  6. Yup, nice find thats definatley a weed
  7. Haha hey man, It looks like one to me.
    Then again i'm new and never seen a plant in my life.
    Thanks guys though for crushing my hopes ;)
  8. Its better than you accidentally smoking poison ivy or something
  9. ^^ hahaha
  10. Haha your so right.
    I wouldnt of tried it before knowing though.
    But better safe then sorry :p
  11. Lol looks like a Canadian thistle. Hate those pesky little buggers

  12. Laughing my ass off, currently. :p
  13. This.
  14. Don't listen to the go right ahead and smoke dat shit up!
  15. It's a weed plant. Definitely a weed plant.
  16. its the danks
  17. I assume your from nebraska from your name. SO AM I!!:D
  18. DONT LISTEN TO EVERYONE ELSE. its not a weed plant but if you smoke it you will get so high that you will be chilling one minute then the next minute you'll be in the hospital! fkin crazy TRIP

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