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Is This a Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by photographer, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Yes, there is 25¢ in the picture, but I was mostly wondering about the weed. Does this look like a 1/4 of weed to you guys? How much would you pay for it? Keep in mind it is quality premium bud and we are talking about East Coast/Boston prices.

    I know this is probably an annoying thread, but I just gotta to know if I got a good deal.

  2. could definitely be a Q.

    looks pretty dense. id say legit man i cant tell that well from your pics though.

    if you take a few more and with it zoomed in a little better id know for sure.
  3. Yeah it looks straight, it is probaly really dense bud.
  4. Put that quarter (25 cents) in your Scale Fund so you'll be sure next time [no offense]. And yeah that looks straight
  5. crap this is a big picture. if its too big let me know and I'll take it down/resize it
  6. word thanks for the responses guys. that quarter is going straight into my scale fund. What would you guys pay for said Q?
  7. 70 to 100. I can't ell what kind of bud it uis. if it's dank then up to 80
  8. I have a picture of 1/8th next to a quarter in my guide here. So yeah, that's definitely 1/4th.
  9. I've gotten quarters that look like an eighter, and quarters that look like a half oz. The only way to be sure is to scale it out.
  10. for sure a quarter. i pay 55 for a quarter. but thats canada
  11. lol i was about to be like dayyuumm hook me up. i only have one guy and an 1/8th from him is 65...fuckin ripoff. I need better connects. Soooo is anyone from Houston??? lol

  12. basically sums it up
    id go out on a limb though and say thats very close to a quad.
  13. Density is a variable with a wide range when it comes to marijuana, but after smoking for so long it gets pretty easy to tell what and eighth or a quarter look like and handle like based on experience.
  14. im from long island and if i had gotten anything close to that much for $25 i wouldnt of complained. even an eighth would be insane. $25 would get me like 1.5g of dank or like 2.5g of some good mids.
  15. looks like a half to me. No reason to ask GC when you can get a scale for under 20 bucks and be happy knowing noone rips you when they know you always weigh.

    Alot of dealers only play ball when they know that. Shady fucks
  16. i cant really tell, dude. lol, i clicked on the pic like 10 times, tryin to enlarge it.. then my stoned ass realized you couldnt, hahahahaa.

    compared to a quarter (money), those buds are really tiny.. definitely not the size my quads look like. but then again, it could just be real fuckin dense bud.

    invest in a scale, man. it was invented for a reason. ;)
  17. looks a little wet, but yeah that looks like a quarter.

    trust me.
  18. in my opinion, you didn't get shorted or get a good deal
  19. If the quality I see is indeed an appropriate reflection then, 40$ ish
  20. Yeah thats straight nugs man that look dense. Ull be surpised how much u can break one of those buds up.

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