Is this a problem?

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  1. Ok, my plant tips are yellow wit jus a tint of brown its been about 1.5 weeks since it sprouted with 2 of the actual MJ leaves comin up but them are yellow an brown as well...I water everyday do you think this could be a problem?? Maybe Over-Water also today I used Nitrogen on it wit a solution of 4-0-0 for the first time watering is this a good idea to use this?

    Thanks for all the help!!:smoking:
  2. you're probably fuct. You shouldn't need to fertilize your plants until after 3 weeks. You are also, likely, drowning them.
  3. Yes. Stop fertilizing immediately. Also, go easy on the watering. What size pots are you using? What type of soil you using? What type of light you using?
  4. Im going to stop fertalizing immediately...

    -Water 1-2 time's everyday
    -Bottom Half Of A Big Hi-C Jug
    -I don't have a light I put it on my porch for the day and then bring it in at night

    Ill get pics if I can today!!
  5. I included some pictures when I had a light on them and thats when they started to get brown maybe I burned them? Also, I thought maybe them are the leaves that are going to fall off...

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  6. Hey man.
    They look pretty good. What type of light did you say they are under again? Also, what type of soil are you using?
  7. uhm im using natural light on my deck...

    for soil im using sum type for gardens mixed wit peat moss!!
  8. Oh yeah.
    Sorry man. I read lots of posts and can't keep them all straight. Today I checked my email for the first time in about three days. I had 161 messages to replies from threads I am subscribed to. Anyway, just make sure you give them as much direct sunlight as you can. Plants actually look pretty good.
  9. ok^^thanks, what about the end's of the plants bein knda black/brown is that jus from gettin burnt before or overwatering?

  10. yeah, those don't look nearly as bad as your first post made them out to be. I think they'll be fine provided you give them good light and wait a while longer between waterings.
  11. yeah, nothing you can do about that. just wait until it puts out better leaves and then snip off the burned bits.
  12. ok, thanks...

    well i bought liquid iron solution 4-0-0 for plant greening cuz i thought that was the problem and I figured id try it out today and i put it under jus a regular desk lamp and used it and the one side is fixed and the other one is almost the same I think it actually needed more light than anything!!

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