Is this a problem?Red/Purple Stems/Branches

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  1. Hey guys I'm running 6 plants right now 3 females of each

    Lemon Skunk
    Bubba Kush

    from Greenhouse seeds. I don't know if I am doing something wrong. Everything looks really healthy I think.

    please give me your input.


  2. Please check my newest blog entry for plant pics and purpling pics. It won't let me add them because they are in a seperate thread about topping.
  3. Could be low temperature .Next time provide with complete data(T,PH,PPM,RH...) when having a problem that way it would be easier to find out what the problem is ...
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  5. Room temp is always around 28deg C and res temp is always 75-79.8 deg F
    PH perfect nutrients @ 30% strength. I don't have a PPM or PH tester but I thought thats what the PH perfect technology was for. I thought that stuff calibrated the water all around.
  6. :)))) . You MUST have PH/PPM(EC ) tester . Just think about : ( Hydroponic example ) Tou have 3 gallons of water in your DWC system , PH, PPMs are perfect . Couple of days later water level dropped down now your PPM / PH is different ( plants do not consume water and nutrients on the same level ) .... My advice is to get a combo tester ( Hanna is one of the best ) if you want to finish your grow , otherwise you simply wasting your time .... Oh and PH tester kits ($14-20 ) are total junk not by those . Good luck .
  7. I don't have a 3 gal though I have a 25 gallon. And once the plants are large enough to significantly absorbe water and nutrients why wouldn't I just say add an extra 1-2-3 liters with the same nutrient ratio? I could save myself $100 + on a 6 way digital meter by just doing this. That's why I bought PH perfect nutrients. I also change the res. every 7 days so the water doesn't really get low at all. I only, over the last 2 days, noticed significant root growth from the bottom of the netcups but no water level drop that's noticible at all. They are submerged in the airated water and nice crisp white. I think I'll be ok.
  8. I'm 9 weeks into flowering and my lady has purple/reddish stems towards the top of the plant. Everything seems to be going fine tho, but if it is indicative of an excess or deficiency I guess she could be doing a lot better. With that being said the stem color could also be due to genetics, temps (doesn't sound like your problem), or it could be pH issues causing a nute block, I also read excess phosphorous or Mg def. From my experience, albeit limited, if you notice growth and positive gains keeping doing what you're doing. I def wouldn't add more nutes in fear of a def. It's easy to add nutes...not so easy to remove them.

    Happy Growings.
  9. Perfectly normal especially with bubba k strain to c red in stems. My 5 week old bubba s all have and couldn't be happier(dialed in)
  10. If your saying on your brand new growth that sounds like little stress. What's temps,food at ph?. I am seeing red on thicker main stock
  11. Reread and of course she's stressed. Cut her down. 8 week stain?
  12. Hey guys, ya my girls aren't stressed its not on new growth right away, it seems like they redden up a bit on my bubba kushes and my lemon skunks after a few days. The girls really do seem very healthy and happy and are growing like weed, just wanted to make sure they weren't fucked because they were reddening/purpling a bit.
  13. I'd get a cheap $10 pH test kit (I like the pill joints over the strips myself...more bang for the buck) and test your water. I'm thinking your pH is a tad high which is causing that purple/red the way it is (slightly locking out P) but not causing anything else yet. I know your hydro, but with soil sustained at 7.0-7.1 for a while can do this.

    The purple/red change can come about in different manners. It can start at the leaf and main stalk and work towards the middle of the stem from both directions (top of the stem). It can start at the bottom of the stalk and it can start as strips from the top of the stalk. It can start coming in as dots on the whole stem filling in, and it can start as dots on the underside of the stem filling in. This is on my list of experiments when I can sacrifice enough plants at once. See if one way means one thing.

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