Is this a pot plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AlphaUno, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Last year I tried to grow a few plants, only a few of them germinated and only one sprouted and survived, and luckily it was a female. Grew it and smoked it, good stuff. With the seeds that didn't grow, I just emptied the soil they were in, into the ground. Today - just got back from vacation, went to check out my dirtbike, and I find these two plants grown in the spot I emptied my seeds:


    Now heres the things that make me think that its NOT a marijuana plant:
    1. Doesn't smell
    2. Doesn't have the same leaves that my plant last year had

    Heres why i think it MAY be a marijuana plant
    1. Has white furs inbetween the stems
    2. Has the "pods" that look like where the bud grows
    3. Tall, purple main stem/stems

    Please let me know what you guys think!

    I live in Massachusetts if that may help you identify this plant
  2. It kinda looks like a plant that tried to re-veg. With the three fingered leaves an all, But IMO i dont think it is. Plus no smell.
  3. If it is, it's the strangest looking cannabis plant I have ever seen. I really don't know, you have me stumped on this one. I would have to lean more to the "no it's not" side to be honest. Just doesn't look right. Then I look at it again and say "well maybe...."
  4. Not MJ

    Looks like a good cover plant though.
  5. Still wouldnt chop it either.
  6. thanks for the replies

    ive got some fertilizer left over from last year, might as well start feeding it. Only problem is, I've got to move it. Whats the best way to extract it from the ground?
  7. Dont look like it can be moved.
  8. And Welcome to GC

  9. shit... Theres a smaller one right behind it I'll try to move. Don't want my dad to find it!

  10. Let him find it and take it to a nursery. I'd love to know what it is and my search is coming up empty.
  11. yeah I'm searching everywhere and I don't see any look-a-likes like mine!
  12. I see the motox tyre behind the plant. What bike is it off?
  13. ive got a '01 ktm mxc 520. That tire is a spare that I probably will never use cause now I have gold renthal rims.
  14. Never say never.
    Wheel looks good tho.
    I have 00 cr250, the best generation.
    You like riding enduro?
  15. LOL enduro on 525
    Only seen there
  16. Not sure of the breed, but that's a young tree.
    Most definitely not cannabis, as others have said.

    Those individual leaf fingers are very similar, though.
  17. And I had a CR250, circa roughly 1985.
  18. Pulled like a train i bet.
  19. Yep. Dunno about nowadays, but back then they were the 'bees knees' in moto bikes.
  20. It's not a tree sapling either and definitely not cannabis. But they do make pretty white flowers in the autumn. If you find a patch of those they make good cover for late crops.

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