is this a male?

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male of female?

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  1. hi, since u guys know i guess, im asking you, is these plants i have males or females?

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  2. hey, thx for ansvering :) umm, the light is up here in the north of europa ;) the snow has just dissapeared, and ive just put 4 seeds in a jar to see if there would grow anything, and it did- but i havent taken good care of them, ive just let them sit in the window, alone, with some water every now and then, ive given them a fan now, time to blow them a bit, also gonna add fertilizer, do i have to buy that, or can i just add something household into the dirt?

    as for light, the sun rises at 6 now, and goes down at 8, so its close to 12 hours, but not perfect, do i have to do the 12-12 to find out whose boy and whose girl, ?

    was just going to kill the males....if i knew who it is. :D

    EDIT: is dogfood a good fertilizer? just put a couple of dogfood peases in there and some water, its a lot of fish in dogfood, and i have heard fish is good for plants.
  3. id have to go with male...why are the stems so swurvy...and curvy...looking strange
  4. males have grow pods, and females grow em hair type things......just look at the split of the stems and you'll see......
  5. this is a male look right b4 the stems of the leaves

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  6. this is a female

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  7. and you plant looks like all wavy i think you should burry the stem a lil bit so its not so tipsy
  8. ok, out of those 2 pics, i would say it is all females???

    they all have small leaves growing out at the root of the stem, and theyr all smelling kinda heavily(more than they used to.), and getting sort of hairy/sticky on the leaves, i dont know for sertain, as all the "sexorgans" seemed to be over??? i cant see any hairy taps, and there is no small round thingys on any of them, just small leaves about 10 mm big right now, there was no hairy bits on them , butr there was growing small those 10 mm leaves from each plant by the root of the leaves.

    or does thore hairy taps/small balls appear later? ive had these plants standing in the window since februar, so thats why theyr so thin, at the time they have been there the sun has gone through the 12 hours on off routine, the light in the beginning was super low, haha got to torture these plants a bit, not like im afraid they will be pissed at me or anything.

    now what is wavy? and i have t burry the stem???

    im not fluid in vegetation language in english.

    plz explain more to me???

    o and after giving em air (fan) for 2 days on a row i notised that theyr getting better regarding theyr scrawnynesss , theyr stems have gotten mush harder. if i had a makro cam i would take pics of them up close, but for now those pics will have to do.

    guess next time i try setting up some plants ill do it proper, fun to see them grow.
  9. more pics :)

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  10. heres more, sorry for the bad quality, but its better than nothing?

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  11. last pic that looked fairly desent , got to get a better cam, yes.

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  12. well, a update, im going to separate 1 plant of them all, in the jar.

    now how should i go about separating them? can they survive replanting in a new jar each?

    o and theyr all girls, hehe. :D

    need ansvers quick , as im gonna do it today. just got to go to the shop and buy some earth.
  13. i'd say your too late to repot them into seperate pots as the roots will have intertwined with each other, better to get a BIG pot, like bigger than a 5 gallon, and that way you may be lucky enough to get something from them........good luck......Peace out.........Sid

    ps and when you do repot, bury the plant in the soil right up till the first'll keep the height down a bit for you, as during flowering it'll probably double.........

    ps make sure the pots deep as well if your gonna do the above, as they look like they have a long stem.......
  14. well, im allready done, now lets pray that atleast the one i didnt take out of its original pot survives the next time.

    when i separated em, theyr roots were big shunks each, so i think they can make it.

    how fast will they die if it didnt work? when will i see it on them?

    well, exiting..... wont get any sleep tonite, ;)

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