1. Hey..... How much damage will that male do to three females next to it? Should I scrapp the whole thing?
  2. Thnx for your reply by the way
  3. Full blown male........kill it immediately.
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  4. He's already dropping pollen, your females have already been exposed. You WILL have seeds now. :( Sorry.
  5. Kill it and be prepared for seeds in your girls' buds. He's already shedding pollen. :cry:

    Old hippie trick for dealing with seeded buds- put your buds out on a plate until they are bone dry. This may take a day or or longer depending on humidity and temperature. Then get that big wire mesh strainer from the kitchen and rub the buds through it. Seeds and stems stay in the strainer, nicely flaked cannabis falls through to a plate or bowl. Put the cannabis in a jar and add a few drops of water to re-hydrate the cannabis.

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