Is this a male ?

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  1. I think. Its a male.

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  2. Yes, it's definitely a boy. Sorry! But snip off the small leaves and male flowers and decarb them. Depending on your plant's genetics, you may get a pleasant surprise! Decarbing changes the "no high" THCA into good old THC. And it seems that some male plants are just as potent as their sisters! :GettingStoned:

    "In addition, the present study establishes that male plants, often considered deficient in delta-9-THC, contain levels of the same order as those recorded for female plants, both in the leaves and in the tops." From “Cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. in northern Morocco” Cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. in northern Morocco - PubMed

    Decarboxylating Marijuana: Why It's Important. (news – 2016)

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  3. Thanks alot for the info

    Its day 7 of flower and i noticed today so i removed it from the tent. . I had it next to two other female plants do u think. My female could have gotten pollinated? Every i read is that it takes 3 weeks or what not for pollen sacs to open. Any knowledge would be appreciated
  4. It looks like you caught it just in time. And no, it doesn't take 3 weeks for them to open! Here's a photo of maturing male flowers. See the broad white stripes on the bud on the far left? That is a bud that will be open in 1 or 2 days. The one under it is swelling and ready to pop.

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  5. That’s a lot of nanners

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