Is this a male or female?

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  1. Hey guys. Im brand new to growing and I'm almost positive this is a male. Seems like if this is a male then that means my entire crop is males.. I got the seeds from a dispensary from their home grown. I was going to remove it but I want some expert opinions before I did.

    Thanks for the help! file.jpeg file1.jpeg file2.jpeg file3.jpeg file4.jpeg
  2. So since its a male, I dont know what to do with it. My entire grow was males from what I can see so far in that case. Should I pull it out, dig it up and re plant it somewhere else, or just it away??
    Thanks again for the help!
  3. I went back out and saw complete notices in three females I have out of the 9 males. They are all in one pot so how should I approach that
  4. Pull it. Put it in a bag, seal it, and get it away from any females.
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  5. Done! thanks. Anything I can do with them? Use the leaves to make tea or anything?
  6. Awesome! Thank you my friend!
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