Is this a Hermie?

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  1. Is there anything you can do with a hermie or just kill it?

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  2. I see a male from the second picture...

  3. This is the same plant? The second picture does look like a male. The first is a little hard to tell. I don't see balls but I can't see any clear pistils either. Any chance of some more pictures? Might help so people can tell for sure
  4. Better pic

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    Definitely see pistils in the better picture. Same plant?
  6. NO , .....This is a Hermie

  7. pic 1 = male. pic 2 = male. pic 3 = female + male
  8. if you have balls growing from the internodes on a predominantly female plant, you have an intersex plant. a hermaphrodite plant will have what looks like bananas or beaks growing out of flowers with pisils growing out of them.

    either way your fucked. mist the plant down with water, cover it in a trash bag, and get it the hell outta there unless you love seeds ofcourse...
  9. This is all the same plant to avoid confusion.
  10. my previous statement still holds true.
  11. htere is a Dutch product called reverse that I have heard works to change em back to all female but I hear it is kinda pricey

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