Is this a hermie?

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    Hope my pics worked, I pretty much messed with this plant alot, and it is very small to be letting it flower. I need to know right away, it is in with my beauty. What I think are balls are growing all under every bud. Thanks for any info.

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  2. Sorry the pics aren't that good, but in the first pic you can see them growing by the nodes, but they are under the buds too. They are very purple.
  3. doesnt appear to be a hermie yet... im not 100% though. i would wait and if you see groups of more than one 'sack' then pull it or do whatever you wish
  4. I will try to get a better picture tomorrow. There is what appears to be groups of sacks but I am not sure if maybe this is how this particular bud grows, it is different then the other two plants I have.
  5. The plant looks anemic/sick and could well be a hermie. Where did you cop the seeds from?
  6. It's from bagseed. Here's the story with this plant. It sprouted in my growroom while on a 12 12 cycle so I put it in a window in another room for awhile. It didn't really grow much. Then I put it back in the growroom and it has been flowering for about a month. I will post more pics. Can I attach an image to a reply? I don't see how. Anyway I tried to train it too, but it was already flowering and I have just sort of experimented with it. I realized it wasn't going to grow much vertically I let it up so now it is growing crooked and in the pic it is actually pulled upside down so so can see the bottom more.
  7. So I guess you can't even see this plant in the other pics but actually besides being stunted and possibly hermie I think it looks pretty good. My setup is temporary and there is another light I moved to take the pictures. The big plant in the middle is looking really good and has lots of colas, two main ones that are looking real nice and actually quite a few other ones that are pretty big two. Some of the fan leaves are dying off but I just started phing my water it is about 7.5 out of the tap. I just started feeding them the big bloom with molasses added and I have given them some vermicompost. The big plant I had to trim back almost all the way and kind of set it aside and when all my nice plants turned out to be male I vegged that plant for like another month and it turned out to be a lady. It smells very citrusy and I think it might be from some pineapple I had.
  8. Do you think I should be concentrating all of my lights on the big plant instead of wasting my time on those small ones. The one on the right is the possible hermy and the one on the left was outside but wasn't getting much light and I got paranoid so I dug it up about a month or so ago and brought it in.
  9. So what do you all think about how my plants look in general and if the one could possibly be hermie? I will try to take more pictures later, I really don't want it polinating my other plant I've got at least a month left.
  10. Oh and why do you think it is anemic?
  11. Your pics show that the pistils are brown which clearly indicate they have been pollinated as it's too early for pistils to turn brown at this stage of flowering. Somewhere in there is a hermie. :(
  12. When do the pistils normally turn brown? They've been flowering for a month.
  13. if the calyx's start to open up then its a hermie. they open up then a few days later the bannana things come out and pollinate your shit. and personally i would be surprised if its not a hermie, since you put it through that stress and its bagseed.
  14. I have it seperated from the other plants now. I am going to take some more pictures and post them soon.
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    I think that second pic looks just like a swollen pistil. My plants are around 4 weeks and some of them has a few brown pistils now. But try to get some better pics so we can see better.

    If I'm not mistaken, usually when a female goes hermi the pollen sacks grows as "bananas" in the buds. Although sometimes they also grows at the nodes.
  16. Well it's not a hermie, those are seeds growing. My nice plant, the big one in the middle is apparently a hermie. I found what I think are male flowers among the buds and there are seeds on that one too. Damnit! So I have clones growing from that plant that is now a hermie, should I get rid of them?
  17. Yes I would cut down the hermie and all of it's clones. It might have beenm stress induced but it's best not to take any chances. Don't want that same hermie messing up the next grow too, right?

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