Is This A Hermaphrodite?

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  1. I've got three girls at about 4 weeks into flowering right now. I ran into some trouble with ph, nitrogen levels, and even the heat level getting kind of high during warmer days. The one plant in particular seemed to be having the hardest time, with the most yellowing levels, and with veins visible on the other leaves.

    All the pictures are of the same plant. If you can confirm it is in fact a hermy what would you suggest I do with him/her? I've got probably at least another four weeks of flowering, and the other two plants don't appear to be showing any balls. Should I kill it? Try and rip its balls off as I see them? Let it live and pollinate the girls?


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  2. Yes your plant hermied. You could keep pulling them. But you will miss one and it will likely pollinate your crop. Toss it put and learn from your mistakes. OR!!!!! Keep it and say fuck it lol
  3. yup your plants a tranny
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    yeah hermie man, atleast you can get some seeds for future grows
  5. Yup she's got balls. Funny how the pretty ones always do  :yay:

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