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Is this a good vaporizer or is there something better?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RatedRKO16, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. tbh I've never heard of that vape.
    I'd recommend something tried and true like the Solo or Air or Mighty or ......There's a ton a great portables on the market.

    Look over at to see reviews.

  2. Do you recommend a plug-in or portable that doesn't plug in?
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    If you're wanting to switch completely, then portable but if you want the full vaping experience, I recommend a plug in. I have a pax, arizer solo, and a hotbox and the hotbox-that plugs in-delivers hits that put my solo to shame. Although the portables can still really rip if they are quality
  4. Just checked out the link. Here's my take on this vape:

    Can tell right away I wouldn't be a big fan of this vape.

    Lowest temp setting is 380*... no thanks.. I like my vapor to start at around 365*

    Also, it uses a conduction style heating oven, very similiar to the Pax.. Which I was never a fan of. Rather have a convection based vape or a convection-conduction hybrid.

    And the biggest downside that I read... "requires 3-5 hours to charge" [​IMG] No thanks...
  5. I've used the MFLB a few times and can say they hit nice and smooth. They do get a bit burnt taste the farther into the bowl you get, so I see the high temp issues. The wood box acts as a heat sink and the high temp thing isn't that much of an issue. as for the charge time, excessive sure but aren't the batteries just AA rechargeables?

  6. Well crap man. What's the hotbox-that plugs in?

    I've used one of these and I did not like it at all.
  7. It's the brand of my plug in vape- check out hotbox vaporizers.
    And I have a solo, very happy with it for an all around vape- if I had to have one I would choose it out of my three.

  8. Thanks man!

  9. What convection vapes do you like? I have a pax and like it but have been thinking of getting a convection vape as I've heard they are better.

  10. The Solo was a really nice convection vape that I had for a while, but eventually it started spazzing out on me.

    Ended up getting the Mighty a little over a year ago and it's an awesome hybrid. Been vaping strong since.

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    Thank you so much, I'll look into them.
    The mighty looks nice, how is the oven size compared to the solo?
  12. It's not as deep, but it's wider. Overall, I'd say it's about the same.


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