Is this a good setup?

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  1. Hey Guys!

    I NEVER EVER smoke at home (only when the parents are on vacation) and I was sick of using all of my friends pieces at all their houses, so I picked up an acrylic bong two weeks ago, and that didn't rip nice at all. So I picked up this guy, along with a ashcatcher for 90 dollars.


    Now I'll keep this guy in hiding (parents will never find it) and whenever I smoke it, smoke it. But i've had some people tell me that the bong looks like shit and stuff (they never smoked it) and how it's a "amateur" bong.

    Is it a bad bong? Is there something I'm not seeing? I smoked some great white kush out of it yesterday when I first bought it and it ripped soo smoothly and nice with the ice and ashcatcher.

  2. It is china glass which means it is cheap and is very easy to break. It sounds like you don't smoke much so it is a good match for someone like you but if you ever get serious about smoking and it becomes a daily thing than you will want to upgrade to something with a better diffusion system that is made of some quality glass.
  3. Get a different bowl and it will look a lot better
  4. it is china glass but I'd say NG is one of the more reputable china companies out there. Meaning yours is actually decent glass and quality haha.
  5. [quote name='"bonginnn"']Get a different bowl and it will look a lot better[/quote]

    This. I hate that style bowl, idk why. Never liked em.

    Op, if YOU like YOUR bong fuck anyone elses opinion
  6. It looks fine man. Theres nothing special about it and its not high quality glass, but it looks like a good starter bong. Enjoy it man!
  7. I like it dude, sick bong
  8. nice bong man
  9. Honestly who cares if it's china, as long as you're careful with it right?

    Looks like that's an all GonG setup too, so you can upgrade the diffusers and attachments down the road

    Looks good to me :smoke:
  10. Nice bong man! If it gets the job done, id say its a keeper
  11. Not the worst for 90$, and those people saying shit are almost definitely jealous or just assholes. No real stoner disrespects another's first glass bong like that, when its clearly decent.

    Id say you could have gotten better for 90$, but at least its thick looking glass, and got some diffusion... Great little piece to have around though. Cant go wrong with a mini beaker.

    Smoke on dude :bongin:

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