is this a good idea

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    18 as of now plan on graduating next year in september, after i'm joining the us army as an infantryman probably do 2 years go to college rank up(im not really sure how that works), then do 5-10 years in the army, after that move to california,(I really don't know this works) become a guard in a marijuana field, or if not that just stay in cali and start a new life, any job working with weed would be fine with me.
  2. Awful plan lol, just no
  3. man the army changes people maybe move to cali now and find a job?
  4. I don't know why anyone would want to join the army, especially in the U.S a country renowned for participating in unjustified acts of war.
  5. Fuck the army bro, thats just my opinion.

  6. Did you literally just come up with this idea so you could continue to use marijuana as a tool of dissillusioment until you ACTUALLY have to join the army and then realize that this idea was fucking retarded if you wanted to work with weed in the first place?

    And then get 'assigned' to a marijuana field, after 10 years of service, back in old cali? are you fucking serious guy?
  7. This.
  8. Fuck the military haha
  9. I think he means he is going to use his military career as experience when he applies for a job as a security guard

    Why is that a bad idea?

    The military will help pay for school and its a stable career

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