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Is this a good deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jt233, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I plan on splitting a quad in half with my friend. I will pitch 40 bucks and will get about 3.5 grams for my half (total about 7 grams). Is this a normal price for the weight in Los Angeles.
  2. That would cost me 60 in my town :'(
  3. Sounds good to me.
  4. Is it dank? if yeah, then its a good deal
  5. #5 jt233, Aug 13, 2011
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    I know it's good quality as I have bought from this person many times and know he has good quality stuff and usually get me as high as I need to be :D. However I'm not experienced enough so not sure if it would qualify as dank or mids in the eyes of a seasoned toker. Will post pics when I get it.
  6. If it's good shit then go for it.
  7. Alright cool :) just want to make sure I'm not paying to much.
  8. 1 gram = 1 dub
    1 dub = $20
    3.5 grams = 70$

    Idk how it works in L.A. but im pretty sure the price of a dub is the same everywhere. 20$. Unless its some crazy dank.

    Do the math.... smart move :hello:
  9. yea man thats straight if its koosh
  10. I live in LA and i pay 100 for a quad of dank. 80 is reasonable as long as its good quality
  11. you could do that or you can just get an 1/8 for 40 if you are in la

  12. Lol in NY an average dealer would give you that for 60-70 bucks of dank...
    F**k the black market! :mad:
  13. Fuck that, that shit would cost me 60-70 bucks
  14. Wow I am never leaving Ontario. I pay ten bucks a gram, fifty for a quarter. I'm a lucky bastard I guess.
  15. #15 FuckBeerGetWeed, Aug 13, 2011
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    I wish. Northern VA prices high as fuck
  16. Man I don't make alot of money right now so its a good thing that the price is lower than other places.
  17. an 8th of dank is $40 for me to
  18. Just a quick update I picked up what I believe to be sour diesel. Feeling good: ) hit the bong already and a bowel. And hit a few bowels of some other stuff will post pics soon.
  19. Good if it;s dank/
  20. Ok so here goes the pic I said I would take. Let me know what you think. Obviously its not all of it but just a little bit to show you what it looks like.

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