Is this a good deal on a PHX HD

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  1. Just went to my local shop today and came across these two PHX pieces.

    The one on the left is the PHX HD Trinity Duo - sticker price is $495 but the lady said she could do about $400 for it.

    The one on the right is the PHX Double HD - sticker price is $575 and she said she could do it for around $460


    so what do you think grasscity? I am really interested in buying it, and my roomate is getting the SG King Stemline so I wanted something different. Is it worth getting the PHX tree perc ash catcher or will it cause too much drag? Are two Honeycomb diffusers really worth the extra money? Thanks!
  2. for those prices you could be getting Toro's
  3. That double trinity disk looks fuckin tight. From what i can tell, the hd has potential to work well, but only a few holes are used. I fell as if though the double would stack and be an awesome hit all around.

    Go for it
  4. i think those tubes would hold their own in the range of $150-250 but for the absolutely astronomical prices you are willing to pay you could have something so much nicer. You could get a SGW Waffle to 10 arm, a Sov Stemline to 8 arm, SYN double showerhead, you have some of the best tubes on the market available in your range and you wanna go with midrange PH(x)? :confused: please don't do it, man, there's better options.
  5. That is an unbelievable deal for either of those pieces. Those double HDs are insane.
  6. If I could come across one of those pieces I would. My roomie is getting the king stemline so I wanted something different.

    I just tested out the hd with one perc and a splash guard and was blown away with how smooth it was and no drag.

    What makes this a midrange piece compared to the sgw or sg stemlines?

    How's the drag if your adding percs to the stemline or waffle?
  7. I haven't actually hit a HD, but I have done a water test on them and from what I've noticed...They seem to not function very well. The perk is basically a disk with lots of holes, but most of the holes never fire...when I water tested and watched my friends do the same I usually saw at most 5-10 of them firing through a hit unless you pull VERY hard. I can't say how smooth they are because I didn't get to smoke out of it, but I generally didn't like them, and they also had a few flaws in the glass...some bubbles in the glass, some scratches...sloppy welds on a few tubes. (the store had like 5 or 6 in stock.) I would look over it carefully if thats really what you want.

    edit: also, having a dome perk in a nice tube is just a big fail in my book. They are very outdated, inefficient, and usually pretty draggy.

    If you have around $500 to spend....I would go with something better to be honest. The tubes mentioned above (sovereignty, SGW) are good choices, and you can also look at lots of custom blowers. You could even swing a DWB barrel to pillar if they still have them on artfire, which would be awesome. Also 2011bc makes some killer tubes...I dont know what the netline is selling for, but that or the lowriders would be great in your price range.

  8. i would say OP is knocking on the door of a netline to gridded tophat i think they are around the same as a Stem/ 8 in price. i'd say maybe even talk to GMD about a custom piece, i would love to see what they could do for even just more than 2 hundo, no one seems to test their abilities which is a shame.
  9. for that price no, but thats pretty cheap as far as phx goes i just dont think they function as good for thier price. give us some more options they got there

  10. I'm actually getting something from GWO a bit over 2 bills (showerhead, 3 grids, colored, at least 1 marble, matching bowl). I'll fill you in more when I get it or get some pics, should be pretty soon.
    The main reason I didn't recommend them is they can't do full size tubes now, only the minis, and I gathered that the OP wanted a fullsize. If you want a kick ass A/C though...I would definitely talk to them.
  11. Hmm well the shop wasn't anything special. Phx was probably along more of their top end pieces aside from custom heady pieces. Moving to a new town where the cheapest phx honeycomb trinity was 550$ so I thought I might as well scoop it up since it seemed like a steal. But I'm still pretty undereducated I just am basing my opinion on it from an enjoyable experience

    If I got the phx there I would walk outta the store with the piece a bag and a phx tree perc ashcatcher for 450.

    Other than that I was looking at some illadelphs but those were up there in price.

  12. Are you ok with ordering online? I wouldn't recommend either brand (phx or illy) unless you just love it and want it. They both are generally overpriced for how well they perform. Solid tubes, but for the same price you could get much better performance from the other brands we mentioned. But...if you love it..I'm sure they wont disappoint you.
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    your tube sounds like it's gonna pretty nice, by showerhead do you mean their prodo showerhead that looks kind of like the toro micros or something different? that looks hard to squeeze 3 grids on. sounds nice though! what happened with their fullsize tubes though? i talked to them at the start of their choking/ coughing big hit video contest for the fullsize tube and they told me they just got new kilns to accomodate larger tubes.

    edit: illy is super overpriced and don't really bring much to the table for their astronomical sticker price. i got a 9mm straight tube from left coast (couple of illy blowers who started their own company) and it was less than half the cost of a 9mm illy tube of the same dimensions and came with all the fixin's (same labeled downstem, same bowl, same k-clip). what kind of rip are you most interested in OP? fast, smooth, airy, thick, tasty, etc?
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    Definitely looking for a smooth fast rip
  15. What were those Zobs listed as? I would def. go with one over the PHX...
  16. I believe the bigger kiln can do up to something like 13 inches, so not quite fullsize last I heard, but I could be wrong.
    I'm not getting a tube this time, its an A/C. "Big SHAC," they call it(SHAC=showerhead ashcatcher), and there is definitely room for 3 grids.:smoking:

    Edit: and OP, are you ok with ordering online, or just at that local shop?

  17. still saying this in that case:
    [ame=]SG stemline/8 milk - YouTube[/ame]

    oh i gotcha now, yeah i've seen those, definitely enough room for 3 grids:smoking: what are you throwin it on? but yeah the contest tube was 14.25" tall if i remember correctly. and they said they are able to produce fullsize gear now, but who really knows at this point. everything they make is great regardless, but i'd love to see a fullsize prodo line come out of their camp.
  18. Ended up getting the ph(x) today, I am quite happy with my decision . Gives me the exact hit I was looking for , a super smooth fast rip
  19. image-224837037.png

    Breaking it in

  20. Hit's like a champ, super smooth.

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