Is this a good box?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by killer, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. i agree 100%. just build yourself a nice little growbox, it'll be alot cheaper and youl take more pride knowing you built it yourself;)
  2. I saw quite a few different boxes on the site. They look pretty cool. You can either build one yourself, or buy one of theirs. I dont know how you are going to be able to build a box for cheaper. The lights are the expensive part of any grow box.
    And, I must admit, I have seen some pretty crappy home made boxes. Good luck.

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  3. Build one there are only 4 sides, a top and bottom. The pieces can be screwed together pretty easily with angle brackets. You can get a sheet of plywood, screws and brackets for less then the prices of those units and still have enough money to buy a 70 watt hps.

    Who cares about looks I do not want people to see my system I dont know about you.

    Those systems are WAY too small to produce a good amount of weed. you couldnt fit any more then 6 plants in the big one or 1 plant if your growing normal. A 70 watter would be too much for that little box. you need at least 12x12".

    Well thats just my opinion on the subject.
  4. It looks like a crock of shite to me,
    ANY1 could build sumtin BETTER than that for LESS money,
    id definitely build my own if i was u, u can build it to suit ure needs,
    Ure Choice!
  5. You are all so funny about building your own box. I have seen half of your boxes and quite honestly, they are all ridiculous. I look at it this way. If someone is asking about a grow box, then answer their question. I also look at it this way, these vendors out there are also providing us sites such as grasscity in advertising fees. So, why are you so quick to dismiss them? If all we did is bash all of our advertisers, we would have no sites. Dont you get it?

    Here is the real answer. If you dont want to build a box, if you are looking to get started right away, then by all means buy a commercial grow box. Commercial grow box companies get supplies at wholesale, therefore, they are able to get better deals on the product. Everyone always underestimates the price of their own "custom" grow boxes. Start adding it up and you will get nickle and dimed to death. I am all for people building their own boxes, but dont rip down the vendors that are providing us with forums such as these.
  6. k, i dont know what that guys talkking about but you can build a nice grow box with 1 sheet of plywood, a 70 - 150w hps light, and some screws for way the fuck cheaper than any comertial box. those boxes are ment for people so retarded they dont know how to use a saw and screwdriver.

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