Is this a good bong

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  1. Im new to bongs and I was wondering if this one is a good starter bong. Its worth 90 but the sale price on it is 50.


    If its not good any advice on what I should get. The most I can spend right now is 150
  2. Seems very overpriced. In that price range you can find a few pieces that are all glass and made of thicker glass than that. See the little rubber ring around the bowl? That is why this piece isn't glass on glass, look for something with a ground glass joint for better performance and the ability to upgrade with different downstems and ashcatchers in the future if you so choose.

    for reference the joint should look something like this:
    Glass joint tube

    I would also look for something with an 18.8 joint over a 14.5 if you can find it. Better airflow and its very easy to get an adapter to go down from 18.8 to 14.5 if you ever want to, but you can't ever get the airflow of an 18.8 through a 14.5.
  3. If you're getting online it's hard to tell, because the glass might be thinner. I would say for 50 bucks it will either be small, or medium sized with not great glass.
  4. its not worth 90. sale price should be like 35/40 really
  5. That's a pretty crappy bong, you'll get sick of the rubber grommet really fast. You should be able to get a solid straight tube with a glass-on-glass joint at your local head shop for under/around 150. I think my LHS sells a basic Sheldon Black straight tube for 150.
  6. If you want to keep things inexpensive this looks like the best I can see from a *really* quick look around. Its just above $50, no frills, decently thick glass, no carb, 18.8mm, and has ice pinches if you ever want to use them. Its nothing great, and ultimately I would recommend saving up 100-150 for something a bit nicer, but this will be a pretty good introduction.


    I should note I've never used one of these, I'm just looking at specs and price and that seems like a pretty good value.
  7. you could get something better than that it looks like its only 8in. tall
  8. Get a SYN from or a ZOB from that site.
  9. I'ts not a great bong. Keep looking and you'll find a nice glass/glass piece. The picture you posted doesn't look like it will last long, thin glass bowl..and that rubber O-ring thing sucks.
  10. that shit for 50? fuck that its cheap as hell and thin looking and not even glass on glass
  11. hell the fuck no

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