Is this a female? (pics)

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  1. They look like pistils to me...

  2. im pretty positive thats a male because males have a thick stock/stem i can post a link to a video that will tell you

  3. Hmm i'm pretty sure that's false, but you can send the video.
  4. [ame=]YouTube - Beginners Guide to Growing Weed - How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female (1 of 7)[/ame] watch all his videos hes really good
  5. also how many days or weeks and do you see football shaped sacks or white hairs?

    watch this one its deffinately more helpful than the first one sorry

    [ame=]YouTube - Detecting female & male marijuana plants[/ame]
  6. These are female flowers beginning to grow. Yours is a male.


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  7. When does he talk about sexing? hes talked about germination the whole time...
  8. Gotcha still dont know why cause ther r no balls, seems too early
  9. Over 18 years in the garden I have seen many...I just know!

    Peace all,

  10. Fuck... well thanks for your help... wont shoot the messenger! haha

  11. What strain is it?


  12. LMAO...Peace bro,
  13. Just a bagseed, so no big deal... i had my hopes up but oh well. Can I still use the male product to make cannabutter?
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    May be a little weaker compared to using bud but yes you can. Hash oil would be better I think.


  15. Word. Thanks for your help +rep
  16. I would give it a few more days just to make sure.
  17. Wow. Who ever is saying its male or female your both WRONG!

    Thouse little things are NOT a sign of sex. EVERY marijuana plant has thouse. there is a name for them it starts with a "S" and Its not a indecation of sex.

    Also DONT cut it down. If you want to know your sex of the plant, you have to FLOWER IT. 12/12. about 3-7days. you will find out the sex.

  18. Oh dont worry i really dont believe thats a male just yet, it really doesnt look like it will end up being one, its also gone through minimal stress. But If i do the twelve/twelve now would it be ok to put it outside after?

    Thanks for your help

    Here are some more pics of the plant



  19. One thing I agree with above is do not cut it down. Let it grow so that when it is more visble as a male plant, you can make your butter with it!


  20. haha yea im not going against what u said but i really do not want you to be right! This would be my third bagseed that ended up a male! hahah

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