Is this a Cal Mag deficiency?

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  1. Watered 3 days ago with nutes 1/4 strength after flushing about a week and a half back... now these deficiencies have begun to show... is this due to cal mag deficiency or toxicity? Strain is liberty haze barneys farm. Using distilled water. Using cal mag + FFOF nutes in FFOF soil.

    You guys think I should (for the remainder of the grow), put the smart pots inside larger smart pots and fill them with soil? I heard the roots grow straight through and with 2 gallons of extra soil, I'll need to not only water less, but also less to no nutrients. Could this stress the plants in flower?

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  2. Advice guys? New growth is showing clear Ca deficiency but I watered with nutes 4 days ago... FFOF 1/4 strength and Cal Mag half strength. Could it just be due to a little underwatering that Ca wasn't able to be taken up? I don't want to add more nutes to add to the problem.

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  3. You gotta check the ph and ppm of your distilled water & nutes. Ph fluxes cause backwards intake of nutrients and some dont get used by the plant if its too high or too low. A def. also can happen a lot quicker using tap water with nothing in it but un useful crap depending where your from.
  4. I was using tap water a while back but switched to distilled which has a 6.5 pH. After nutes, I always pH with general hydroponics kit to 6.3-6.6 before adding to the soil.

    I've heard underwatering can contribute to lack of calcium uptake?

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    more likely overwatering will cause more problems and stunted plants. If I underwater my plants than they wilt and die. My hydro, if I overwater them I added too much nutes and they are locked out and only drinking water. If I dont water hydro Im sure the nutrients will build up and cause burn.  I would say flush & use like 3/4+ strength cal mag but don't use a toxic amount. I water again with plain water just to make sure too many nutes dont sit the soil.

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