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  1. a difference between taking a pain pill orally compared to snorted? Won't the effects be the same?

    Thanks all, just kinda curious.
  2. yeah, one burns the nose, the other doesnt
  3. the length of the high and how quick and the intensity at which the drug hits you would be different...any pain pill that has APAP or tylenol related products in it should not be sniffed. if you wanna snort a pill get yourself some OC.
  4. never felt any pill snorted

    sept for oxycontin

    pop it mayne
  5. I just parachuted 30mg way to consume pills period.

    1) Crush them up
    2) (optional) wrap in thin tissue paper
    3) Swallow with a tall glass of grapefruit juice
    4) Enjoy a fast comeup
  6. Parachuting is the best way for the no tolerant opiate users imo because you get a rush and i love it that it just creeps up on you all of the sudden. But after developing a tolerance snorting is the only way to go.

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