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Is there such thing as a glass dugout cigarette?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JakeMader, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. yes go to a headshop
  2. what's the source of your paranoia of smoking from metal?

    i highly doubt your lighter can turn a solid metal into a gaseous or liquid state which you could potentially inhale
  3. ^I feel like I can notice a positive difference in the taste when I smoke from glass as opposed to metal.
  4. It'll get shook up a lot and would probably crack, so I wouldn't recommend doing that.
  5. There's glass blunts google them theyre pretty much crackpipes and you could probably find One that fits a dugout system but like what has already been said its probably going to break

  6. Get a really sensitive scale, get a small one hitter all metal lighter. Weight it. Put a torch to it for a long period of time, weigh it again, it will be less. Do you know why?
  7. Metals can offgas way below their melting temperatures. Your not inhaling molten metal lmao youre inhaling the biproducts of the combustion process which react with the surface of the metal. The vapors produced by that are scientifically proven to cause alzheimers and other neurological damage. No paranoia involved.
  8. When I'm going out and about and want to bring some weed, I just use a very small ziplock baggy with a couple nugs and a small glass chillum.

    If you do it right, it will take up even less space than a dugout setup and you still get to smoke out of glass. :p

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