is there such a thing as not strong enough daylight

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  1. is any sunshine enough to get the plant growing? where i'm from we get many cloudy days, but will that sunlight still be efficient to grow the plants or will there just not be enough light at all and it wont grow? I would imagine the sun would have the power to grow the plants very well regardless to how strong the sunshine is, but would like to hear from you guys in a cloudy or lowlight day, will plants still make progress, thank you in advance for your answers :)

  2. Yes I understand ( IDK for a fact) that UV rays seep through the cloud cover and do the plant good.
  3. So your telling me the clouds help amplify the radiation, which in turn even though its not as bright out, will assist the plants in their growth? :)
  4. Don't post the same question in multiple threads. It's frowned on around here and your one post will get you answers. You just have to be patient. TWW
  5. No, just that when you look at the width of the spectrum the actual sun puts out,
    ... the lights are very pale in comparison

    There is photosynthetically active radiation in even very cloudy spaces.

    my cheap LED grow. 168 watts at the wall:"Everything-Wrong"-grow...-probably-no-harvest-:-/

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