Is there such a thing as freewill?

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  1. Most people are probably not familiar with 'determinism'. If not I suggest reading about it before you go on.

    Determinism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basically the theory is that since science determines everything, your will is not necessarily free. It's like a robot who is constantly being programmed by it's environment. It may respond to it's environment the best way it sees fit based on previous experiences, but it doesn't have the ability to transcend science and be completely free of choice.
    Granted, this is all based on cause and effect of science dictating future science. And if quantum mechanics is true and probability truly exists in nature (probability being a part of all-knowing science, not just the science of what humans can guess because they are part of that science and are limited by it) then it is a slightly different form of determinism. This form of determinism creates different variations, even though as humans, our own timeline we are presently in is a single variation. Still though, it can't be denied that whatever variation due to probability you are following, your past has still been dictated by science and has programmed you.
    The only argument I've ever really seen with this theory (and I only learned it like a week ago) is that most people just simply can't, or don't want to believe it. I know I didn't explain this very well and I can't proofread because I gotta go, but I'm wondering what most people think about it, especially with the kind of open minded people who visit this forum. Thx
  2. No matter the situation or environment, we always have a choice, choosing can be done through feeling and/or logic..each which are free radicals of the mind... and it all depends on how you see it, you can change destiny by choice, if thoughts can comprehend the many variables at hand.
  3. I don't think anyone knows for certain. We have much more to learn from quantum mechanics before there can be an answer to that question. We need a theory to unify the Newtonian and quantum models, to begin with.
  4. magnetic free will

  5. Feelings and logic are free radicals of the mind? Thoughts are physical occurrences too man. Just like a rock falling down a hill, it's going to fall the same exact way every time if all the variables are the same. Now if you think about if you knew all the variables from the start (if you were God, per se), with enough mathematics and science, you could predict anything about our universe at any given time. It's all just one big algorithm, and life is a formula. And there's no way that it cannot be. Science dictates absolutely everything and this sense of freewill is just the illusion of physical cause and effect in our brains.
  6. I don't think that's necessarily true. Physical matter seems to act in deterministic ways within certain parameters (excluding the very large, and very small). But outside of the scope of traditional physics, shit just stops making sense in ways that we can currently comprehend. Those occurrences may have an effect on whether or not free will is an illusion or reality.

    Then there's the possibility that determinism and free will are both false, but that's a big fucking can of cosmic worms, pardon my French.

  7. Think about the spiritual aspect of the mind, the spirit, can be consider some sort of free radical as well. Is not the mind, the center of the body and spirit? Physically we're subjective. Spiritually we're objective. Physically we're slaves. Spiritually we're free!
  8. ^Gibberish. None of that means anything.
  9. You have eyes, but you do not see.
  10. It's either a failing on my part to comprehend, or on yours to communicate. Explain again and we'll see which it is.
  11. Seems to be the lack of an open mind on your part..
  12. Has anyone ever heard of 'Super determinism'?
  13. Humor me anyway.
  14. No, I haven't. What is it?
  15. HAHAHAHA! Humored?
  16. Well, it says the universe is like, not just deterministic, but SUPER deterministic...
  17. Clever. Are you interested in discussion or not?
  18. Say you were travelling on a road, and came to a T-junction.


    Which way would you go?
  19. Depends on billions of factors, all of which may or may not be accountable or measurable.

  20. So you're just gonna stand there and do nothing?

    Choose man, left or right?

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