Is there such a thing as a quiet fan?

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  1. I was just wondering is there such a thing as a quiet fan? in line style. cause mine i can hear and I know others do but it they prob think its the heater or refer
  2. They all make way to cut down on it is to suspend it from wires so it's not vibrating whatever it's sitting on.
  3. and you can get a fan controller which lets u perfect ur cfm and makes ur fan much quieter....they also make mufflers...but i most growers at least on here have to put up with the plane engine room lol. u learn to ignore it though. but if neighbors are your concern you can take extra precautions all over by just wrapping it in foam or suspending it by rubber rings
  4. there are lots of ways to pick a quiet fan.

    one is manufacturer quality. getting the cheap fan is cool, itll move air and such, but it wont be nearly as quiet as a good CAN or comparable fan.

    second, fan size. contrary to what you may think, the larger fan is often less audible. for example, consider a CAN 6"HO and a CAN 8".

    similar cfm ratings, but if you look at the specs, the 8" is several sones softer iirc.
  5. That's right. A good example is the Sones:CFM ratio between the CAN FAN 6 High Output and the CAN FAN 8. The smaller fan has to turn may more RPM to make the same CFM as the bigger fan, resulting in more noise. I'm actually considering a bigger fan, like 10 inches, and fan controller that I can turn down to the required CFM. This should result in lower noise.

    Another issue that goes along with this is that the smaller fans that are high output use as much or more power than a bigger regular output fan, at least in the original CAN line.
  6. I had the same problem i was always looking for a fan with good ventilation but qiuet. But the majority of all good ventilation fans are loud or dont have any info on how loud they are.

    But ive found the quietest fans that provide any adiquate ventilation for a cooltube or room are expensive bathroom fans. I have searched the net far and wide for a good quiet duct fan Air King has a good selection they have very quiet fans

    4" models
    50cfm - .5 sones
    80cfm - .6 sones
    110 cfm - 1.5 sones

    6" models
    150cfm - 1.5 sones
    210 - 2 sones
    310 - 3.5 sones

    Who wants to buy a large expensive bathroom fan? I dont so if you download the instruction sheet they include an individual parts list. So you can cal the number and only order the parts needed for the duct fan for a much cheaper price probably $50-$100. If they ask for a serial number just tell them its in your ceiling and you need a new fan for your "model"

    hope this helps yo :smoking:

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