Is there something wrong with my plant

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  1. It's been flowering for almost 3 weeks now, my question is will the "buds" get bigger or is this it ?
    they seem to stay the same size even as pistils turn brown/bronze/red..
    The other one looks healthy but is maturing slowly, I planted them at the same time and use 2x 600w Phizon LEDs in a grow tent.. THEY ARE BOTH AUTOFLOWER. thanks in advance.. between.jpg the top.jpg

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  2. also, the leaves are yellow af, ph is normal, not nitrogen (or any other mineral) problem, most likely nutrition lockout .. should I keep waiting or should I harvest what I got and try to make some butter ?
  3. The bud is small because it has a serious nutrient issue. If you don't fix that you are wasting your time

    Why do you think it's not nutrient deficient? And if the pH is correct, what do you think is locking out the nutrients?

    To me it looks severely underdosed and would recommend you raised the nutrient concentration big time
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  4. pH is at around 6, I regularly feed it nitrogen, Mg, Po , and K.. so I dont know whats wrong, maybe light burn ?
  5. Lots of nitrogen? Could be underwatered or overwatered, looks under, maybe just poor genetics, how far away are your lights? More pics? What temp is canopy? What and how much grow medium are they in?
  6. Basic list to check
    Distance from light
    Root rot
    Genetics, which could be checked by next grow at exact conditions.
  7. How about a pic of the whole plant?
  8. here's the distance
    growth medium - soil
    temp - 26-28C
    humidity 26-35%
    the leaves are not completely yellow, just very very discolored
  9. is it too far away ?
  10. Your pH for soil should be 6.5, not 6.0.
  11. Whats the distance between light and top of plant, looks fine but id say you have overwatered, those plants could get that big with green leaves in a beer cup
  12. Id bet you over watered and stunted/slowed growth from root rot. Yellowing leaves is a symptom, a plant that size should be healthy from that amount of soil. Also they are the height of a rooted 6" clone under that light for a week or two, there has been no growth really so. Maybe bad seeds never know. Unless you do other strains the exact same as this one. That could prove bad seeds
  13. *sigh* so I might as well just scrap this one ?.. maybe make low-tier butter or just smoke whatever there is ?
  14. I would go in there right now and
    I would go and increase temperature right away to 75-80 to help dry out, looks like its a week from being done max. Id dry and cure properly and try to make thw most of it but also just get regular seeds, i rhink autoflower is only best for cold climate outdoor grows. But maybe try another auto to make sure. Over watering is easy to do but having good soil with 10-20% perlite or other to help aerate leaves just the right of water in soil, making it harder to over water. Also only water away from stalk enough to hit bulk of roots other wise soil stays moist and suffocates roots if cant dry out in between waterings.
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  15. Sounds like over water but your humidity is very low. The stomata closes when the humidity is very low and then drinks less water. So if you are over watering coupled with low humidity it could be the plant is nutrients deficient because it's not taking up water and that means it's not taking up nutes. The stomata controls respiration and water intake by opening closing. If you have low humidity the stomata stays closed a lot to preserve it's water.
  16. What do you mean by "you feed it nitrogen, Mg, Po , and K"?
    What brand of nutrients are you using, and what concentration are you mixing it? Are you feeding on every watering?
    What size if your pot?

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