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Is There Something In My Weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bhoisooil, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Hey this is my first major post but i have a burning question that i would like to ask you more experianced smokers. So i got a new dealer and i bought a gram of key lime ( kush?) and grapelicious to try what he's got. My friend and i smoked about a half a gram of each ( total one gram for the both of us combined) but i definiy smoked 80% of the total we smokedd. I also smoked about .4 in a skinny joint before she arrived. I do have to say i am a lightweight and i only need about .7 a gram to get pretty damn high. Now we smoked for about 35 minutes straight out of a gravity bong and she was asleep pretty quickly.
    Now here's the interesting part; about 45-50 minutes into the session from when she came over, i ended up zoning out on the couch but i experienced a weird high. I felt like my skin and body was being stretched out about two feet in two different directions. Also, i felt like i was falling DOWN through a tunnel or pit and the falling felt like when you drop on a rollarcoaster, the weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, but it was so intense that it was almost unbearable and slightly painful in a way. I ended up grasping to the couch the whole time.
    When i had smoked the joint, about ten minutes after i finished i had a heavy feeling in my torso and my head where as when i usually get high, i feel like i am rising (getting physically high). This urgent falling feeling lasted a good hour and felt like fear itself was eating my insides.
    My friend also said it was very intense and had similar feelings. The bud was apparantly from a dispensory and smelled and looked perfectly fine. The grapelicious had a slight mint fruit taste.
    Was i just more high than i was used to, or do you think my weed was laced??
  2. Highly unlikely..

  3. Nope. Nothing in your weed except THC.
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    So many topics on this recently, but what's new? haha.

    Likely-hood is there'll be nothing. It's rare a dealer would lace their weed, because it costs them extra money. I'd say you were just more high than you're used to, maybe you got stronger stuff than usual. Take it easy next time if you're nervous, it's not a race. Smoke what makes you feel comfortable then stop. Good luck though :smoking:
  5. It's probably laced with CBD honestly. Be careful man that shit can get dangerous. :rolleyes:
  6. OP, if you don't know what CBD is, please search it up lmfao :laughing:
  7. Why you gotta go ruining my shit mang? :laughing:
  8. man these 'laced' topics have been on a roll
  9. Haha, didn't want the dude to get scared. I'm really stoned so I feel like I love everyone at the moment, so I couldn't let you :smoking:
  10. Lol didn't want him to freak out thinking he took a new drug called CBD.
    OP are you familiar with CBN at all? It's a hell of a trip. :p  :laughing:
  11. Thanks the Dankity Dank
  12. Hahaha yeah, there was probobly too much weed in my weed ;)

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