Is there Really A Gay Mafia? (LOL)

Discussion in 'General' started by TONYBEME, Jan 27, 2009.

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    theres gay prison gangs. they murk people out..

    and larry the cable guy is an idiot and a failure. he should be publicly executed on internet PPV with all the profits going to schools and libraries in an effort to reverse all the damage his epic stupidity has done to our nation.

    good day, sir!
  2. Yes, but getting whacked has a slightly different meaning to them.

  3. Seconded.

    The man lives a lie, he uses that fake accent all the time, on or off stage.

    Sort of sad.

    But he makes a shitload of money and I guess if I were him I'd be the same way.
  4. I used to believe as long as your making money it didnt matter, but this fat fuck disgusts me the way he acts as the same he exposes for laughs.
  5. hell ya

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