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is there really a difference between sativa,indica highs?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cenuke, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. I know theres alot of threads about this but i dont care i want to bring it back up cause basically before I even knew about sativa and indicas I didnt know what I was smoking before. they would be different strains but i didnt have any knowledge about them and they would all feel the same, untill I got my card thats when I knew that there were different types cause the doc mentioned sativa a head high and indica a body high.
    The thing is, is what they say true? is there really a difference maybe only some people can tell? the only difference i can tell is the smell, most indicas in clubs have almost the same smell and the sativas smell more fruity to me. so whats the truth can anyone enlighten me isnt thc just thc?
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    There are definite differences in strains. A sativa is much more of a head high as opposed to an indica strain which is more of a body high.

    The reason perhaps why it's noticeably hard to tell the difference is that very very few strains are entirely 100% sativa or indica based, and most will often be a hybrid of both, giving you the best of both worlds as it were :p

    Of course the high will be dependant on the dominant strain and the ratio that it exudes. If you're talking plant structure, then sativa will have the classic marijuana leaf and will grow usually tall and skinny. Indica plants will grow small and stocky.

    At the end of the day weed is weed and will get you high, so enjoy it while you can :p
  3. yeah THC is THC but your Forgetting cannabinoids.That's what makes the main difference in the two different strains.Maybe one day you can get a full sativa or a full indica and you'll be able to tell.but the way i can tell is if i don't feel like moving and the act of moving sounds pointless and unwanted,then you go a indica.If your really Happy and have a million thought pre second,then you got a sativa.and 100% sativas make you feel like your on crack and indicas are like heroin.
  4. o w8,you got your card? then you can get some Green Crack to test out a sativa and get herijauna to test out a indica.
  5. Also, if you have access to dispensaries then all the weed is clearly labeled and you can specifically ask the guys there for a sativa or indica based strain of cannabis. Then you can much easily tell the difference in future :p
  6. yeah and usually they have a sativa section and a indica section.
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    no yeah I know that but I asked them if they have 100% of sativa or indica he said there are no guarantees they are all hybrids and theres only a dominance of one of the two. I guess all ive been smoking my life were hybrids and ive tried dominant sativa and indica already i cant really tell the difference. one think i notice though is sativa seems somewhat weaker than the indicas ive tried. and on the same strain ive had couchlock and sometimes I have a racing mind thing like you say, but never in my life have I felt like physically doing alot of stuff as if youre on crack thats kind of insane id probably be sensitive to that stuff and im the kind of guy that literally HAS to avoid caffeine noted by a doctor cause of adhd and all that crap anxiety etc

    also the first time ive ever smoked it was only regular weed and even with regular I had racing thoughts and i got really paranoid.
  8. While I have yet to try a pure Indica strain, I did get the pleasure of a Sativa queen years back.

    The Sativa was a mind high that had me sketching like a madman for hours. It increased my desire to create art beyond belief, then I would read JRR Tolkien books (I re-read them a lot, good stuff).

    Most of the street weed I get is hybrid stuff, but it has that pain killer and anti-nausea effect I seek, so I don't complain....but I could go for some of that California MMJ.
  9. Ok man, for sativa dominant you want to try and get trainwreck or sour diesel, as these are definitely two of the most dominant sativa based strains you can get at dispensaries.

    For indica dominant strains you want to try and get Hindu Kush, Northern Lights and Master Kush. Failing that, just ask the guy working at the dispensary for his most dominant sativa/indica strain. :)

    Hope this helps dude

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