Is There Marijuana in Heaven?

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  1. What do you think.

    I think ther is becasue why not have something so great in a place of true happyness
  2. I would say no, based on the fact that I don't believe in any sort of afterlife.
  3. probably not, but don't think there is such a place anyway
  4. I dont think it can grow in the sky man. You need dirt and shit.
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  5. I'm on the same boat as you man. Not sure wtf to believe in..... My parents are super Christian.... I hate the fact that they try to force me to church and stuff :(:(
  6. it wouldnt be heaven without it:smoking:
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    Check this out. It's not for everyone, but maybe you'll enjoy it. Whether you believe in something or not, keep an open mind when reading it.
  8. If by "heaven" you mean the christian concept of an afterlife for rightous souls, then i would say yes. If you've lived a good life and you like smokin the ganja, im oretty sure you and jesus would blown doja all the time. Heaven i'm sure would be your own personal conception of what makes you happy.

    Before anyone starts though, no, i'm not religous, in fact anyone telling me how to worship should be stuck in the face.
  9. im atheist so i will have to say no. but if i did believe in heaven i would expect there to be weed
  10. If heaven wasn't a fairy tell, there would definitely be bud everywhere, and the bud would never burn into ash.
  11. Curious.. Not dissing athiests or anything you know to each his own but i personally am a christian and I love the ganja. Am I a Rarity?
  12. Shit man my heaven is marijuana heaven. Thats all thier is in my heaven. Oh and mad munchies and some fine ladies to bang.
  13. W/E U LOVE will be ther ein heaven. Or maybe well all be just really high? no smoking required?
  14. Perhaps you should expand your thinking about what heaven is. If heaven is the cessation of all of our earthly needs and desires marijuana wouldn't have a place, but if heaven is merely a continuation of life here then who knows?
  15. No, in the spiritual realm you can self-induce a flood of cannabinoids without having to combust THC.
  16. Well all I know is that between Heaven and Earth is where we currently stand. At at this time and place, we have access to this beautiful plant.
    So who cares about finding the answer to your question when it is impossible to prove or disprove?
  17. no that dude doesnt like it
  18. Perhaps this is heaven, here on earth, when we are high and happy? Perhaps heaven would be once everyone was high and happy, then I think magic would happen, if you follow my posts you may be able to get a concept of how I believe.

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