Is there a way to halt vertical growth??

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  1. hello

    had a quick question. ive been growing for medical for couple years. usually go from seed or clone thru flower.

    due to my lack of space a had some plants under a T5. i left them in 1 gallon pots hoping I could stall them until my grow room opened up. they are still healthy and green but a little stringy and already about 3.5 feet tall. i usually flower around 4.5 feet.

    im putting them under the 1000 watt bulbs tomorrow. is there a way to try to slow the vertical growth and let the lower branches fill in? I dont want to taller because they will raech my height limit before flowering. i have enough light to penetraye the entire canopy from top to bottom. just looking for anyway to stall the top while the bottom fills in. thanks in advance......

    i was thinking of biulding a netting or fencing to constrict the canopy for growing upward for awhile??

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  2. heres a pic

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  3. Bend the main stalk over at 90 deg by gently rubbing it between thumb and finger as you bend it
  4. thanks for reply. where do i bend it on the stalk? in the middle of plant?
  5. At the point you would like the plants vertical height to stop...I wouldn't go down 1/2 way as it will become unstable and want to fall over....The bent top portion will now be horizontal initially but will turn to grow up towards the light as time goes on.

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