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Is there a strain that improves your sense of smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by grassmania, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. I was In a longboarding accident a couple years ago. I spent 6 days in the Nero. ICU and 4 days in the brain and spine department. I fractured my skull, bruised my brain, brain swelled and bled but thankfully I never needed a craniotomy.

    The doctors told me that there is a perforated bone that sits in between your brain and your nose that has all the nerves that go to your mouth and nose growing through the perforations. When I hit my head they told my I sheared half of the nerves because the bone shattered when I hit the ground. They told my IF the nerves grow back I would be able to notice a different in less than a year. If not, they probably won't grow back.

    It's been two years and my smell and taste have not for better. I can still taste the basic stuff like bitter, sweet, savory. I can also smell the basics of fruit such as raspberries and bananas. But UNFORTUNATELY I have not been able to enjoy the aromas that our pungent friend releases into the air. Smelling cannabis flowers used to be a HUGE factor in my purchasing process. Now I have to rely on close friends to use terms that we have invented to truly pinpoint the each and every characteristic of the buds smell.

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  2. nah man, that sucks

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  3. As I do not live in a medical state. I am looking forward to my trip to Denver for 4/20 and the cannabis cup therein.

    All that being said, have you fellow chronical aficionados ever came across a strain of cannabis that heightens your sense of smell and or taste.

    I'm big on concentrates so if there is such a strain. It would be nice to find some concentrate of sed flowers and that would amp up the affects.

    Thanks for your time.

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  4. Nasal haze.
  5. I find haze's or just real spicy tasting bud will clear my nasal passage and open up my nose for some reason..
  6. It's not opening my nasal passage as I have never had any nasal or bronchial congestion issues.

    In simple terms I am asking if there is a strain that if I try to smell popcorn BEFORE I smoke its normal/no smell. And AFTER I smoke it would be more intense of a popcorn smell compared to little/no smell.

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  7. I doubt this. But smoking is a good way to help with cardiovascular health and other related lung things so I would imagine it's possible it could have some benefits.
    This seems like a good time to mention research might be showing that our body's reaction to cannabis terpines is a good indicator of what strains would be best for the individual.
  8. You doubt what?

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    Also I am just simply asking if there is some sort of weed strain that has the side affects of heightened smell.

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    :edit: not asking which cannabis will help heal or promote nerve growth. (Not saying that would be bad) but I'm only going on vacation here and wanted to partake in both the recreational & medical side of things.
  10. No, don't think so

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  11. I don't think so either, but I do know that food tastes so much better after smoking.  So maybe.  It sure can't hurt to try.
  12. I've never heard of a strain the specifically heightens your sense of smell. I would try sativa strains and see see if the cerebral high helps. Maybe toying around between sativa strains and indica strains you'll find one that works for you. 
  13. You just have to wait till bud is 10x as dank in the future
  14. I think this is my plan of action when I get there.

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  15. That's awful man, I hope it all heals for you.
  16. i dont think any drug is gonna improve missing nerves
  17. Thanks for the help everyone!

    Toad, I'm not trying to improve missing nerves rather enhance the ones I still have!

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  18. well right....but your sense of smell wont operate better because of the drugs.

    your brain may be scrambled up to make you think it but theres only so much that can do
  19. I will mention that drugs have certainly made a difference for me in terms of senses. A not to mention "drug/fungus" in small doses does alot for my eyesight. MJ specifically can easily make my hearing more clear, eyesight better focused, tastes more lovely and smells more strong.

    It allows me to really focus on each sense. I have a horrible sense of smell, idk why, I lost it in highschool. I cant normally smell things like weed or pizza which is frustrating not having those pleasures. When I smoke, I can relax my mind which helps the smell become much more noticeable. I tune in to the smell. Like tuning in to nature.

    As for strains, im not sure. I would probably say either. It depends on yohr approach to improve the sense. For me, a 50/50 hybrid works great, like AK47.
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    Doesn't marijuana already sorta do this? I mean, not "improving" your sense of smell, but things certainly smell that little bit more interesting/alluring while high, don't they?
    Also, sorry to hear about what happened OP. That's why I'm a hermit!

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