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is there a strain better than Sour D??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGHEREDnFIRED, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. a hippie i met let us smoke some. with 1 hit i was soon gone. 2 hits later it was like Heaven on earth. a week b4 that he hooked us up w/ green dream. at that point green dream was my fav, now its my 2nd behind sour D. both very potent.
    im gonna try sour grape kush in a few days when i get to maryland. hopefully it dont disappoint lol,

    but is there any strains better than sour D or green dream?
    i wanna try
  2. I smoked some blue dream last night.. Got me high.. Smoked sour D before they are about the same.. I still want to try ATF.. But I cant get it anywhere..
  3. Try some northern lights, white widow, or DEATHSTAR, those will knock you on your ass for sure.

  4. hell yea i wanna try all 3. theyve been on my HITlist lol
  5. No. Though you should remember not all Sour Diesel are created equal. Fortunately for me every batch of Sour Diesel has put me zone. And i always wanna go back.

  6. ill assume ur tolerance is high or blue dream is very good. cause tha green dream was a close 2nd to me. but sour D took tha throne. never felt that high lol
  7. If you like Sour D try to find some Headband, you'll love it.
  8. Ive tried pretty much all the shit you guys have mentioned...

    Sour D, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, White Widow, Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

    PERSONALLY - Ill tell you that Critical Mass, GDP, Afghan Trainwreck, and most Skywalker Strains are better than Sour D also though
  9. I felt the same way....then came BHO, and then full melt wax. mmmmmmmm:smoking:
    I really need a Fuck it....ill take a bowl break instead. :D
  10. Sour d is great but there's a lot of stuff better in my opinion my favorite sativa dominant is still jack herer and my friends homegrown he had. Blue dream beats it defiantly.
  11. Sour d kills it but there is better. Just got a quarter of it, I love deez.
  12. Really all depends on your tolerance is and what kind of high you want brother.
  13. There are countless amazing strains, but Sour D is one of the best medical quality strains there is. The taste is amazing and the high is perfect IMO with no negative side effects. Like mentioned, if you like Sour D you will probably also love headband.... and og kush, and tahoe kush. They are all very similar tasting and will knock you on your ass. This is my list of fav strains in no particular order.

    Grape Ape
    Purple Urkle
    Blue Dreams
    Green Crack
    Cotton Candy
    Sour D
    Tahoe Kush
    OG Kush

    These strains have never disappointed me.
  14. "Better" is all a subjective term. It depends on what you like. Your favorite strain might not be some one else's.

    Sour D is a great strain. But I prefer alot of others out there.

    Try Sour D-wreck if you can. Sour D x Trainwreck. A great strain.
  15. sour d is my favorite, I havn't smoked much bud thats better.
  16. Really depends what type of high you're looking for. I personally love sourD. But i like other strains a lot as well. Including but not limited to white widow, purple haze, GDP, bubba kush, OG kush, super silver haze, sour D-wreck, blue diesel (sourD x blue dream), white rhino, and others. Though i wouldn't pass up some good sourD when it comes my way :smoke:
  17. Most those names are made up. Stick with the originals bruh.
    Grandaddy + afgahn
    That hybrid with a cheese (medical) plant + ice

    The babies of both of those plants made a baby.
    We smoked that bud.
    Shits bomb.
    Don't know what to call it yet..
  18. Afgrand :hello:
  19. lemme say something...THE LEGIT MAUI WOWIE IS THE BEST.
    I've had Blue dream, sour d, trainwreck, brainwreck, headband, the famous OG Kush, Hogs breath, I can keep going on but it's pointless...
    Maui Wowie all day son.

  20. ehh, Maui Wowie is nice. Has a great taste and a nice smoke.

    But find it's way too week for me compared to hard hitting strains.

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