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Is there a right way to inhale ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sauceychamploo, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Usually when i smoke i take a pull till my mouth is full of smoke and i inhale a lil bit more just to get some air in and i exhale:smoking:
  2. As long as you get some kind of gas or smoke into your lungs, your doing it right. Although how efficient and cleanly you inhale varies based on health and how contracted your diaphragm is before the inhalation.

    Personally I like to pull the smoke straight into my lungs. I might pull some vapor into my mouth if I use my pax and then inhale it, but with smoke it's gotta got straight to the lungs. I also tend to exhale a little bit before I pull to make more room in my lungs.

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  3. hmmm will try out method next time i roll one
  4. sometimes you gotta cough to get off

    For example I would rather take one nicely packed bong rip in one snap than two small snaps back to back. The mere challenge of the heavier bong pack makes for a more pleasurable experience hitting the bong.
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  5. As long as the smoke enters your lungs- not only your mouth- then you're doing it right.
    I personally exhale a little bit, hit it til my lungs are like 90% full, inhale some air, and then exhale after like 2 seconds.

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  6. I do lung inhales but I have a friend who inhaled through his sinuses while the smoke is still in his mouth and he got higher than me. It's supposed to reach your brain faster and eliminate the damage it does to your lungs. I haven't tried it but going to soon. It makes sense.

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