IS THERE A GOD!!???!!!?? Yes or No?

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  1. Is there a god man!!??
    I have to ask while i'm the sky with him right now("HIGH")
    after all the shrooms trips and Doogy bongs i have to say..Yes. There has to be a god!!!!!!!
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    This thread will be filled with annoying atheists in about two minutes. But none of us can tell you if there is a God or not man:rolleyes:

    It wouldn't be called "your beliefs" if anybody could tell you such.
  3. No one Knows.

    It's all about personal belief.
  4. Probably not, but maybe.
  5. This thread will determine if there is or is not a God guys!

  6. Hell fucking yeah!!!! if i lived near you I would drive down and smoke some of this grand slam mamogram with you!!!! (Orange Kush+K3+Blueberry Yum Yum+unown mystery drug/Purp) Cuz you deserved to smoked with after that!!
  7. yea this thread is ripe for trolls

    but i personally highly doubt the existence of a god, but don't completely rule it out either

  8. yeah me too but there has to be another PHASE OR SOMETHING theres too much energy beyond space & force & time for "Death" to be the "End"!!!
  9. lol how can you want a definite answer? like anyone of us knows something knwoone else knows? There is no yes or no. You can never be sure about anything 100 percent. Not even something that seems 100 percent true. such as the sky is blue. is it? or do you just perceive it that way.

    I tend to look at things in percentages, i dont have just one beliefe. There seems to be more of a chance that god isnt real in my views just because of his lack of presence these past few decades. But that doesnt mean there isnt a god. who da fuck knows.

    This thread is pointless.

  10. Edited for truth. :p
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    Personally, I like to believe that there is a god, but that's just my belief. You need to figure it out on your own. The reason I believe there is a god, is many. First, how could we live in such a beautiful world if there wasn't a god? I mean, sure, there's some fucked up shit in the world, but there is a beauty about it too. And also, how could we be here today if there was no god? Sure, there's the "a bunch of chemicals mixed together perfectly and it just happened" theory that science teachers will feed you in 8th grade. But I mean comon', really? How could all those chemicals be there in the first place? SOMETHING had to make them, they couldn't come from nothing. Is god a man in a white robe with a long beard floating on a cloud, I don't know. But I definitely believe in a higher power that is above us all.

  12. I know i'v heard everything we see upside right is upside down, blah blah blah, but some beilieve there is DEFINTLY A GOD or IS'NT A DEFINITE GOD and i just wnated their opinions.

  13. This and only this.
  14. there is a god, but it exists only in your mind. it exists basically as a moral compass for good and bad. which can sometimes be extreme (mania, grand thoughts, not stopping til you make your point and believe you got others to believe) so mania is like religion, its crazy

  15. Morality is explained through natural selection.
  16. When there is someone that can actually define God for me, Ill answer
  17. Good point. A lot of people believe in the pantheistic god, which is basically atheism - but for whatever reason they want to say the universe is god. For simplicity, I think the universe is the universe.

    So the distinction between whether your god is the creator god, or pantheistic god needs to be made.
  18. i define god as pure absolute sub conscious love, miracles
  19. I believe there probably is somethings greater than us but that doesn't mean it had to create us.
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    ^ exactly, no 'creator god'. mother nature + father time

    the earth environment is mother nature and father times greatest achievement because, it allows for conscious life.

    now this conscious life has to make use of the materials its given and make choices based on morality. 'human nature'. eventually the majority will learn to live in peace and things will be better. im just making assumptions though.

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